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BOO! Turns 21 and Comes to Pretoria!

BOO! Legal, Hot and ready to Rock:

BOO! Is easily one of my top bands in South Africa, if not the world; bringing an exciting combination of fun and hair pop rock to any stage, along with the electric voice that is Chris Chameleon!

BOO! are a South African band who invented the music style: “Monki Punk”. Boo! is made of up the energetic cross-dressing “Miss” Chris Chameleon on bass guitar and lead vocals, Leon Retief on drums.

BOO! Mentions new Album before Park Acoustics:

This month, BOO! Are performing at their birthday jam with Park Acoustics! In anticipation, I wanted to have a chat to Chris and see what’s new.

Brett Magill (BM): Hi BOO! Happy Birthday! You’re finally more legal than 18-year-old bands! I’m so excited to see you live again at this month’s Park Acoustics!

I’m sad to say that I’m a bit of a new fan, only having had the pleasure of seeing Chris Chameleon in high heels at the 2016 edition of Smoking Dragon!

For new fans like myself, can you tell me about BOO!’s style and attitude to music? A vague and broad question I know, but you are quite unique.

Chris Chameleon: Don’t be sad! We love you! I’d say our style is rogue.

“We don’t like to be told what to sound like!”

Our attitude towards music is anarchistic; we don’t like to be told what to sound like any more than we like to be told what to do. The industry has become rather prescriptive in that sense, and if you have big aspirations for your music it can hold you hostage.

We’ve done our thing(s) and now we want to make what comes from us, without considering implications, ramifications, market drivers or snotty snotshits.

We’re a punk band in the original sense of the word. It used to be monki punk, now it is guerilla punk; still 100% ape, but heavier, hairier, hitting hard and moving quickly in a small unit.

Drums, bass, vocals and that’s all. Although we sometimes let other musicians join us to add their vibe. But the new album (it’s called ‘11’) is only bass, drums, vocals and nothing else.

Seeing BOO! For the First Time:

BOO! By Daniella DeyselBM: With some of the best legs in the business, Chris; what kind of response do you get from your younger crowds when they see you live for the first time?

Chris Chameleon: ‘Some’ of the best legs; you’re a treat! But yes, you’re also right. My left leg is in the top ten, but my right leg barely rocks the top 20.

At the last Park Acoustics a kid, probably 20 or so (so I could have been his older brother’s father) who had just seen us for the first time told me I have lots of potential! And, of course, I said thank you very much.

I think many younger crowds see BOO! and perhaps experience a bit of a revelation. They’re very likely would never have heard anything similar (I know I haven’t), so they might try and figure it out. Until it bites.

South African Music going International:

BM: BOO! Is well traveled, touring across the world during a time when South African music had only just reared its odd head above the clouds, how do you think the local music talent and scene has changed since you guys started back in the 90’s.

Chris Chameleon: The standard has really picked up. Back then you could say ‘wow this South African band is world class’.

Now, it is expected and pretty much goes without saying. The diversity in local sounds is really great, the skill competes with anything anywhere else.

Some bands prefer to identify with a particular genre, and that’s okay if that makes you happy. There are, however, a few bands who make some really unique sounds and it is they who really excite me most. I really enjoy this band from the cape, called Julia Robert

BM: I’ve been re-listening to your tracks from Pynapple to The Three of Us leading up to this month’s Park Acoustics, so tell the fans at home, what tracks are you bringing to the show?

Chris Chameleon: It’s a bit early to say. I like deciding those things closer to the time, like, maybe just before we play the next track.

a drum and bass interpretation of the intro to Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in c sharp minor

Usually, we decide ahead of the gig which track we’ll start with and then see where it takes us. But we will play some of the new tracks. It’s always a bit awkward, playing new stuff.

Nobody knows what’s going on and of course, there’s a bunch of old stuff they want to hear but you don’t want to become a tribute band version of your own self. Fortunately, there’s some of the new stuff that’s really gripping and it should grab you by the collar from the word go. One of the tracks is called ‘scars’, and it starts with a drum and bass interpretation of the intro to Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in c sharp minor; a track I got hooked on when I was 4 years old, listening to it on my story vinyl called ‘Sparky’s magic piano’.

BOO! In 2019:

BM: Looking forward a bit, we’re nearing the end of the year and attempting to come up with some achievable new year’s goals and all that superficial stuff, what’s on the cards for BOO! In 2019?

Chris Chameleon: I would be really happy just staying alive because life is probably the most fun I’ve had since my birth. Boo! have no goals, we are an aimless tumbleweed herded on by the dust devils of desire.

BM: Right then, the most important question of the interview: I’ve seen you guys on stage, and you look hot! What, if anything, can an excited fan get you as an energizing refreshment?

Chris Chameleon: You’re very sweet, kind. Thank you. We both enjoy a solid dop of spook and diesel.

See BOO! in October at Park Acoustics:

R135 Early bird (Only 400 available.) R150 Online Ticket, R175 at the Gate, but get there early or stand in the sun in a queue. Free entrance for children under the age of 6 (six). (R15 per vehicle (paid at the main entrance to the nature reserve).

BOO! Park AcousticsNo under 18’s will be allowed except if you’re accompanied by your parents. Proof of identification required, no copies, photo’s or temporary documents.

No glass is permitted into the festival area, please buy cans or decant in plastic bottles.

Prohibited items: Weapons, Illegal substances, Domestic animals, Bad Vibes.

Facilities available: Two stages, Bar Food stalls, Toilets, Soft green grass, 360° view of Pretoria, Nature trails for hiking and mountain biking Voortrekker Monument (pay separately)

Disclaimer: You enter the premises and surrounding facilities at your own risk. Park Acoustics CC, its owners, agents, staff, sponsors and management will not be responsible for any death, loss, injury and / or damage of any nature whatsoever, irrespective how such death, loss, injury and / or damage occurs, regardless whether such death, loss, injury and / or damage is caused through any act or omission by Park Acoustics cc, its owners, agents, staff, sponsors or management.

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Written by Brett Magill


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