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Getting Fuzi Before Park Acoustics

Fuzigish at Park Acoustics:

Fuzigish and BOO! Celebrate:

Time for that awesome annual big birthday bash of Park Acoustics and what a time to get some questions going with Jay Bones! If you don’t know his band, Fuzigish, where have you been for 21 years?

Fuzigish has been the South African staple of music scene bringing ska to the masses. So get your skanking shoes out! It’s time to jump around!

RC: Jay! Dude! There must be some award for the most underrated band in the country. Seeing as there isn’t yet, what’s the coolest thing that came the band’s way?

JB: Thanks – lots of cool things come along the way. Meeting cool people, going to cool places. The zen answer would be the joy of high speed punk rock and mad chaos of the skank pit.

RC: Speaking of awards, I once made it all the way to 25 tequilas, do I get a Fuzi certificate for that or does it absolutely have to be 24? If I threw up a little, does it count as 24?

JB: 25! That is amazing. Possibly insane. Hangover must have been gnarly.
Certificate is in the mail…

RC: Let’s not talk about that morning. You featured pretty prominently toward the end of the docci, Punk In Africa and supported the DIY ethics of the music industry. Is the DIY ethic still sustainable? As a DIY muso, is it possible to afford medical aid?

JB: *laughs* – nope I have another job to support my muso habit. There should be a muso medical aid. Maybe SAMRO have that? They have a pension plan.

RC: Back in 2016, albeit like 3 years late, Crazy Friends was the theme to my birthday week so thanks for that. Have you and Dexter Holland set a criteria on how to judge the “Make them Wait for more music” contest you’re battling the Offspring in?

JB: Ol’ Dexter and me were chatting about that just the other day. Actually a friend played me this Offspring album that features Jello Biafro talking, and I love Dead Kennedys. Glad we could be the theme tune for your birthday.

RC: Of course, I’m kidding. 21 years in, you shouldn’t be caring about new music but rather how to enter adulthood. How did you celebrate your 21st?

JB: Still haven’t figured out this entering adulthood thing. It is amazing to be 21 again.

RC: Speaking of the 21 jol, what is the fattest ska beating ever got?

JB: There are times that it got ridiculously fast. Way way faster than the album. Blitzen fast. Usually Willy or Rockwell will alert me and Tom to the speed creep.

RC: Bands come and go but you’ve managed to maintain your very distinct relevance in the scene for super long. What’s the trick?

JB: No idea. Sometimes I tell people we are like athletes foot, but that is perhaps not as much fun! Seriously though we are lucky that what we do has stuck because it has never been a plan, but it just works and we enjoy it. Punk is like jazz, but different.

RC: With all the side projects of the different band members, how have you been able to manage a schedule that allowed you to even make the Free State?

JB: We were in the Free State? Cool. Whatsapp has been the game changer.

RC: Uncle Shifty is cool and all but have you ever been drunk in Hatfield? Uncle Fousi is an absolute life saver! Who would win in a battle between the two awesome uncles?

JB: Uncle Grandpa always wins cause he has a fanny pack. Uncle Fousi sounds tough, perhaps tougher than Shifty. He may win the battle against Uncle Shifty but he will come home with a new fridge, leopard skin blanket and three pairs of shoes that he does’t need.

RC: We’re totally amped to start jumping around! Looking forward to your set!

JB: Totally! Amped and ready. Monumental.

BOO! Park Acoustics

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