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Why I Unfollowed 250 People on Instagram

Iv been on Instagram for a while. But I never took the platform and it’s culture too seriously until 2015.

It didn’t matter to me who I followed back or why when I first started out, there were some nice accounts like Gareth Pon or Anna-belle Durrant that seemed to really capture the world in awesome ways. Then you had the regular accounts like my brother and some of my co-workers, nothing special, and lots of personal imagery.

My original Instagram was much the same as most now, full of personal images with relevance only to me.

Brett Magill first nine Instagram images
Brett Magill first nine Instagram images
Brett Magill Instagram 2015
Most Recent Instagram 2015

I decided that I wanted to pursue more photography and video in my free time. Photography has always been something I wanted to look into in my life, I even had ideas of capturing every animal in the world so that they would never be forgotten. I wanted to go out and capture the little beauty in life and in other people’s lives.

Since then, I’v been focused on capturing cityscapes and people within those scapes and telling some of their stories.

I also noticed that I really didn’t enjoy my own Instagram feed anymore. When I began with Instagram, not everyone was on the platform, it hadn’t reached the popularity it has now, it was quieter. Now everyone and their grandmother is on Instagram, sharing badly taken drunk party pics or selfies. Not really what I enjoy seeing compared to artistic landscapes.

Also, around 250 people I followed on Instagram were also from Facebook. It didn’t really make sense to me to have the same people on both platforms and seeing the same images both times, it’s like a double image slap. So I decided to remove the mental clutter and keep my Facebook friends with their mirrored content on Facebook and make new friends on Instagram, which I’v done.

To anyone I have unfollowed on Instagram. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t like looking at your images. See you on Facebook. To anyone who is following me on Instagram, I hope you enjoy my imagery, and I hope that it get better and give’s you something awesome to look at and wonder about.

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Written by Brett Magill


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