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Kyle Deutsch at Corona Sunsets Festival

Corona Sunsets Comes to Johannesburg!

When it comes to music festivals, we’ve normally got all our bases covered, rock and roll is our bread and butter. But, now, we’ve got the opportunity here in Johannesburg to bring the sunset back to our city and in style with Corona!

More than excited about the festival coming to our beloved city, Nicci Jones, went a little mental and attacked our WhatsApp feeds, in typical classy Jonesie style, and asked to chat to one of the festivals extensive line-up artists.

Jones and Kyle Deutsch:

Nicci Jones (NJ): You’re no stranger on the scene and have been described as one of the most sensational South African artists at the moment – that’s a big leap from your days on Idols. Walking onto that stage back in the day, did you have any idea that this is where you’d be in 2017?

Kyle Deutsch (KD): It is a pretty unbelievable feeling seeing those words being used to describe myself but I guess that the hard work has been put in and I wouldn’t want to have set my sights any lower.

NJ: Your collaborations are, in a word, incredible – I can’t think of a single track that hasn’t been pieced together with precision – whether it be a mashlab or an original. Walk us through your process of deciding who you collaborate with on your tracks?

KD: Thank you. The collabs and mashes have been pretty spontaneous if I’m honest. I love working with others, and really bringing out the best in ourselves and the music. I always encourage people to work with those they enjoy working with, because it shows in the music.

NJ: Congrats on ‘Back to the Beach’ being voted the best pop song IN AFRICA at the 2016 MAMA’s! That’s quite an achievement for a first release for both you and Shekinah! Who was the first person you called to tell when you heard you’d been nominated?

KD: The MAMA award is the one that alludes many so we are really proud of this achievement. When I heard the news I was in Durban in studio with Sketchy and Deemo, so naturally shared the news with the people closest to me and shared that moment with them. To be fair, I probably would’ve called them or Shek first anyway.

NJ: How did you celebrate the win – I’m sure it was a surreal feeling knowing that your track was essentially the best in Africa?

KD: We just enjoyed the evening at the MAMA official Afterparty and celebrated there. We had Durban Day the next day so pulled an all nighter before the early flight out. Haha Good times.

NJ: Let’s chat ‘Cant Get Enough’ and the remix that you’ve recently released. The tracks themselves are mind-blowing, and the original has already topped charts across the country, but the videos are cinematic brilliance! Equally as amazing as the other, but completely different, I love how your music videos tell a story. I’ve always wondered whether songs are written with videos in mind, or whether videos are based on the songs. Chat to us about the progression behind their concepts – did you have these in mind when conceptualizing the tracks, or was this pure inspiration after the fact?

KD: Thank you for noticing.

The videos were both truly inspired after the tracks were made. I worked with a brilliant team on both projects and they really did capture my visual ideas perfectly.

One of my patients owned a shipyard and as he told me this it immediately triggered the visuals and story in my mind for the original video. I called the team up and we fleshed it out.

The remix video, I knew the locations and feel I wanted. We got very lucky with the weather on the day and Elsa Bleda the director really portrayed it beautifully as she does.

…you’re a qualified Chiropractor!?

NJ: You worked with Elsa Bleda as the image-maker on your latest video for the remix of ‘Cant Get Enough’. Her work has been described as aesthetically inventive and challenging the norms of the term ‘unique’. How did you decide it was her that you wanted to team up with on this project?

KD: Elsa was involved in the first video as well and her imprint on both videos is highly visible. Her work is unbelievable, we work well together and understand each others creativity. This helps immensely when creating artistic pieces such as music videos. This was her directing debut, and I’m just excited for her future in the industry. We have a lot more work still to be done together.

NJ: True to her eerie nature and eye for the dramatic and abandoned, did she have to twist your arm to get you to film in the fog in the Midlands? I’ve gotten lost there once, and those forests aren’t for the faint hearted!

KD: The idea of the house in the midlands was mine and she hadn’t seen it till the day before the shoot. I’ve been going up to that house through my youth so the weather and forests were well known to me. I just knew it would look great on film. It was freezing though. Haha. We were actually so happy to have had the weather we did. It was perfect.

NJ: Speaking of twisting, you’re a qualified Chiropractor!? You can be honest – I’m sure somebody has come in with a fake injury just to meet you and get an autograph, or a sick note that they can frame?

KD: Thankfully I’ve either steered clear of the freaky patients, or had some really good fakers, haha, but do sign some autographs for patient’s friends and fam at times.

NJ: We all have mishaps on stage and while filming – have you been victim to any crazy antics on set or on stage that you wish you’d had a body-double or a chiropractor handy for?

JD: I hate not being able to answer this question with a crazy story but unfortunately not. Besides almost falling off a speaker on one occasion I’m blooper free at the moment.

NJ: I recently caught a TV segment where you proved that you were pretty nifty in the kitchen. Is it just omelettes that you can make with flair, or are you a closet masterchef in training?

JD: Hahahaha you saw that. That was the very first omelette I can recall ever making, if I’m honest. I’m more of the sunny side up guy. Less admin, better taste. You not wrong though, I’m a decent chef.👌

NJ: We’re catching you at this year’s Carona Sunsets on the 1st of April. What can we expect from your stage performance – do you have any tricks up your sleeve planned?

KD: The sets are always spontaneous when Sketchy, Aewon and myself gig together. People can expect to hear some new music.

NJ: Sunset or sunrise – do you do your best work in the morning, or are you a night owl?

KD: I’m definitely not a sunrise person. So true to artist form and the fact that you can’t really sing in the A.M, my best work is definitely done in the evenings.

NJ: That’s the thing about sunsets – people are always ready to relax with a drink in hand and some great company. What’s your favourite drink to relax with while watching the sun set on your city?

KD: Hmmm, depends on the weather but Tequilla always leaves me in a good mood.

We can’t wait to catch you at Carona Sunsets on the 1st of April, and will be sure to send you a sundowner across the bar on the day!

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Written by Nicci Jones


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