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Matthew Mole Rocks Pretoria at Park Acoustics

Matthew Mole:

I’ve never had the privilege of presenting the world-renowned national treasure Matthew Mole on Milled before, so I was excited to have a few moments to talk to him about his process, and his show at this month’s Park Acoustics.

Combining the best bits of local rhythm and folkie blues with modern African contemporary beats, Mole has always created and generated immense energy at his live shows and carried the spirits of so many South Africans in their daily work. For more on Matt, explore his site.

Photography by Louw Lemmer. 

Matthew Mole at Park Acoustics October:

Matthew Mole
Matthew Mole Photography by Louwrens Lemmer

Matt, I’ve never had the opportunity to chat with you! I’ve been listening to your music for a while and it’s always sparked everything from wanderlust to a inspiration and contemplation on life, the universe, and everything. Thanks for those feelings.

But I’d love to know more about you, you’re notoriously shy about your internal workings on your music and life.

Brett Magill and Matthew Mole talk about growing up and family:

Brett Magill (BM): Let’s start there, where’d you grow up? How do you think your up-bringing impacted your musical work to where it is today?

Matthew Mole: Hey man, thanks for the kind words!

I Grew up in a small suburb in Cape Town, called Sun Valley. It was very much in its own bubble, so I wasn’t exposed to a crazy amount of stuff.

I was always the shy kid in school.

My family was always supportive of everything I did, which was huge for me. I was always the shy kid in school. I’ve always been able to believe in myself, thanks so the support from my family. I think all of these different things contributed to how things have turned out for my career today.

Matthew Mole Creates Music for Hope:

BM: There is such rhythm and deep enduring energy to your music, where do you gain your inspiration for your music and lyrics?

Matthew Mole
Matthew Mole Photography by Louwrens Lemmer

Matthew Mole: Musically; really just everything that I’m listening to at the time, I love all sorts of music and all of it influences what I write. Lyrically; I want my songs to carry a message of Hope: I aim to try and have some sort of feeling of upliftment.

BM: Tell me about your drums! Do you keep a set of massive drums around when you’re angry or are they strictly instruments?

Matthew Mole: Haha, never thought of it like that: I’ve only ever played drums for musical reasons. I guess they do have a therapeutic feeling to them!

Matthew Mole: It’s Simple, Child [Official Audio]

Matthew Mole talks about RUN Music Video:

BM: Your music video for RUN has always been an interesting creation for me.

In the video, there seem to be two sides to you, one Matthew that is for the press and people and another for the stage, was that the point? Do you feel like you’re two different kinds of creatives depending on who you’re with?

video of a problematic guy that kidnaps me and lives as “Matthew Mole” for a day.

Matthew Mole: I love that you took that from the video! At the base level, it’s just a video of a problematic guy that kidnaps me and lives as “Matthew Mole” for a day.

Underneath that; it’s about staying true to yourself and not being different people at different times. I try to be that kind of person all the time, but I do feel like a totally different person when I’m on stage; I’ve never had the courage to do that sort of thing when I was growing up.

Matthew Mole promises more in 2019:

BM: Like a lot of your fans, we get your music from the radio, but when I took a dip into your discography, I noticed that it’s been a while since we got some new material from you. Are there plans for another single?

Maybe an album for the end of 2018 to look forward to?

Matthew Mole: I won’t be releasing anything brand new for the rest of 2018 – but I will be releasing the last offerings to come from this album, RUN. I have been working on new music for the entire year, and I’ll be sharing more about that in 2019.

Matthew Mole Brings New Things to Park Acoustics:

BM: This month your Pretoria fans are going to see you again at Park Acoustics! If you’ve ever had the Park Acoustics crowd, you’d know that it’s a very raw and intimate breed of fan, so what can those fans expect from you at this show? Unique sets? The odd limited release?

…they remain one of my favorite shows to play!

Matthew Mole: I’ve had the enormous privilege of playing quite a few Park Acoustics shows over the last few years and they remain one of my favorite shows to play!

Every time has been different. This time around, I have lots of new introductions to the live set that I haven’t ever had. Lots of crowd interaction!

BM: It gets hot at Park Acoustics, if a fan wanted to get you a drink, what would your choice be?

Matthew Mole: I basically try to drink still water all the time, you can’t go wrong with that!

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Show Details:

Park Acoustics Presents Matthew Mole
Park Acoustics Presents Matthew Mole

No under 18’s will be allowed except if you’re accompanied by your parents. Proof of identification required, no copies, photo’s or temporary documents.

No glass is permitted into the festival area, please buy cans or decant in plastic bottles.

Prohibited items: Weapons, Illegal substances, Domestic animals, Bad Vibes.

Facilities available: Two stages, Bar Food stalls, Toilets, Soft green grass, 360° view of Pretoria, Nature trails for hiking and mountain biking Voortrekker Monument (pay separately)

Disclaimer: You enter the premises and surrounding facilities at your own risk. Park Acoustics CC, its owners, agents, staff, sponsors and management will not be responsible for any death, loss, injury and / or damage of any nature whatsoever, irrespective how such death, loss, injury and / or damage occurs, regardless whether such death, loss, injury and / or damage is caused through any act or omission by Park Acoustics cc, its owners, agents, staff, sponsors or management.

Ticket Prices:

R100 Early bird (Only 400 Available) R135 Online ( R160 Gate Free for children under the age of 6 (six). (R15 per vehicle (paid at the main entrance to the nature reserve).

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Written by Brett Magill


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