OMEN by HP: Burning Red Gaming Revolution! (ANNOUNCEMENT)

OMEN Gaming Gear Announcement:

The night had fallen, and the WiFi was primed; so began the OMEN webcast.

It was the first time that I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to listen to a product launch, but, since it was an international announcement, I figured it worth the risk!

Mike Nash, Chief Technologist bestowed upon us the roaring red power of their new gaming portfolio! The new OMEN technology, besides being some of the prettiest gear I’ve seen since Razer, looks like it’s really making a move to take on leaders in the gaming technology space.

The announcement comes on the back of my discovery of the OMEN brand developments at this past GeekFest 2017.

Outside of the technical specs, here’s what we can expect from OMEN by HP this year, and we hope, at this year’s rAge 2017 Expo:

OMEN is a Gaming Brand:

OMEN is basically offering two brands, both centered around gaming; a brand that is focusing on casual gamers and performance gamers and the other known as OMEN X; focusing on “enthusiast gamers”, but I’d consider OMEN X their defacto eSports targeted brand, top spec gaming.

The brand offering will include: notebooks, towers, displays and accessories (keyboards, headsets etc.)

According to Nash, the new developments have focused on creating hardware for gamers in consideration to their performance and specs, which makes me feel that OMEN is meant to be only somewhat upgraded by gamers, with the tower or notebook offerings being the high spec gaming platform off the shelf without much upgrading needed.

Mike spoke a lot about immersion, and while most brands do speak about an experiential offering OMEN’s hardware seems to reflect that sentiment when considering their display offerings and mobility platforms; OMEN VR Backpack.

I’d like to look at each of these offerings as they begging to penetrate the South African market, but in the meantime, what we have to go on is the presentation as an indication of what’s on the horizon.

It’s exciting to see new brands coming into the market and causing a disruption. It’s more exciting to see gaming brands pushing fringe entertainment technology like Virtual Reality further every quarter, I suspect there will be more brands down the line which follow suit.

What do you think of the OMEN by HP Brand? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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Written by Brett Magill


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