Radio Shows are Dead
Radio Shows are Dead
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Radio Shows are Dead, Long Live Radio Shows!

Radio Shows and Instagram Stories:

When I was in Primary School, I couldn’t wait to get to my parent’s car to listen to the morning radio show on the way to the school. Sometime, I hoped that we would get stuck in traffic so we could listen to the end of 94.7 and Jeremy Mansfield and the breakfast team.

It didn’t matter what kind of morning I was having, and I rarely had good mornings, the breakfast show cheered me up and sometimes meant the difference between a good day and a bad day. (I really didn’t like school)

We’re now in an age where radio has the opportunity to make a comeback.

As a communications medium, It’s not going anywhere, cars will have radios for a long time to come, but internet radio is growing, podcast and online radio stations are on the rise across the world and in South Africa (We all know about Cliff Central and 2oceansvibe Radio).

But what’s next?

Mobile Timely Television and Entertainment:

A few years ago, I had coffee with Man Make Coffee and we discussed the parameters of Snapchat and Instagram. This was before Instagram stories was developed, but the idea was: mobile timely television and entertainment, anywhere by anyone.

A few years later, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories have become more common place, the creation of streaming shows sprouted up across every social network, making it even easier to create timely video on the fly.

Integrating all these spaces, ideas and mediums together, a clever creative can make some kind of mish-mash of what has been seen as a “morning radio show“.

Edward Swardt of Vamers, and a few other friends have mentioned my daily morning Instagram stories show (whew), The Brett Magill Show, as something like a breakfast radio show, something to watch while they’re having their morning coffee before the day starts.

Instagram Stories and their like on Snapchat or Facebook are the new radio shows, creators are the new DJs and this is the new world, a dramatic adventure where anyone can have mobile television entertainment, anywhere. Or create their own.

I’d love for you, my lovely readers to join me on this adventure, so please follow me on Instagram!

More than that though, I’d love to know what you think about the development of content creators on your favourite social networks? Is it just kids playing around, or the start of something more, let me know in the comments below!

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Written by Brett Magill


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