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Spoegwolf Howls at Park Acoustics Spring Edition

Spoegwolf Features at Park Acoustics Spring Edition:

For those who don’t know of the legend of Spoegwolf, we’d be proud to introduce you to the interesting detailed persona of the alternative Afrikaans music legends of Spoegwolf

With their thought-provoking lyrics and rich sound, Spoegwolf have all the ingredients necessary to make their music stand out from what is available in the current Afrikaans market. The current face of the alternative Afrikaans music movement.” – Spoegwolf


Spoegwolf Calls his Bodyguards over New Album:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Lekker boys! I’ve read that your plans for the future include world domination and releasing a new album by July 2018; it’s obvious that world domination tends to be easier than releasing an album sooo…wanner neem jully die wereld oor?

Spoegwolf: Wow – is the Carte Blanche? I feel a bit nailed here. This wasn’t part of the approved questions? (Whispers to one of his bodyguards)

RC: You’re on record for saying your best advice to upcoming musicians is to always remember to bring a towel. Does that mean you’ll be doing a cover of Finger Bang?

Spoegwolf: That would be fun! We’re not sure we have the right instruments. By the way, musicians, also make sure you have extra batteries as well. Don’t put them in the towel.

RC: In the Noorde music video, you have a banging blue Fiat Uno that looks like Xzibit pimped it out. Who’s machine is that?

Spoegwolf: That was mine (Danie). It’s quite a monster of a car; it saw me through the Transkei without any problems.

RC: Also, Loerie…was the plan to win a Loerie? How did that go?

Spoegwolf: Damnit. Another question that wasn’t approved. Fake News!

Spoegwolf Cries on Paarl:

DieDonkerToringFinal Spoegwolf
DieDonkerToringFinal Spoegwolf

RC: Coming from Paarl, home of the Taal Monument, what influence is your hometown on your music?

Spoegwolf: Paarl home to the greatest unexplored mountain on earth. It is also where we met, grew up together, broke our hearts, mended it in an ancient ritual (it’s called a braai – and we did it on the mountain), and where we dreamed of living this life. Going back to Paarl brings us to tears on beautiful days.

RC: And now the lekkerness of Park Acoustics. How is the chilled out vibe of the fort compared to your usually stage shows?

Spoegwolf: WE. DON’T. CHILL. It’s all of us, all of the time.

Mooi so! Thanks ouens! Looking forward to your set!

Spoegwolf at Park Acoustics:

Park Acoustics: Parks Spring Edition Details:

No under 18’s will be allowed except if you’re accompanied by your parents. Proof of identification required, no copies, photo’s or temporary documents. Also no glass is permitted into the festival area, please buy cans or decant in plastic bottles.

Main Stage Line-up:

11:00 Charlie Finch

12:05 Bad Peter

13:10 Grassy Spark

14:20 Aking

15:30 Spoegwolf

16:30 Headphase

Ticket Price:

R135 Early bird (Only 400 available.)

R150 Online Online ( R175 Gate

(R15 per vehicle (paid at the main entrance to the nature reserve).

Park Acoustics Spring Edition

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Written by Brett Magill


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