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Focus. Passion. Clarity. is designed to trigger a shift in thought; to cut out the noise, question our surroundings, to help our audience make better, more informed quality content choices.

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In an era where transparency, privacy, fair use and work credit are important conversations in the public and content creation space, we understand the importance of being open and honest in everything we do. 

When Six3two creates content around a specific topic or idea, there may be times where we need to do a bit more research to provide the best results to our audience, this may require us to use a secondary or tertiary source for content, news or information. 

These sources will always be referenced in the body of our work and linked (if possible) to the original piece of work. Should the creator or publisher or source, request not to be referenced or named, we will respect their wishes and protect their and their brand identity as anonymous contributors. 

In the cases of social media channels, content not original will have reference to the original creator or owner as a tag or link in the body of the post or text. 

If in the event, creative: in any visual or audio medium, is used within our own content that we did not originally create; such as music, that creator or publisher would be contacted prior to the publishing of our body of work, for approval of use and clarity on credentials for reference within the body of our work and or content if fair use is in dispute before publishing. 

Press and Media Releases may also receive news and media releases from brand representatives. This type or source of content will be indicated within the body of work in the form of a disclaimer, describing: that the content itself is in fact edited or drafted by a third-party brand representative or the brand itself. Should the content itself not be edited by staff before publishing. takes responsibility for all content published on its online platform:, as such, all press or media releases. Press releases are vetted for validity and viability for the platform, to ensure that our core values, goals, ethics and identity are maintained. 

We currently do not pay our writers or contributors or sources. 

We currently do not make an income from, when such an income is gained, top level stats of platform financial development will be shared with key stakeholders and is available for public view upon request. About Us

Sponsorship and Disclosure:

All online content under will include a disclaimer element for view assurance. 

Blog post disclaimers, content disclaimers or social media disclaimers, will be used where possible, should brand representatives: 

  • Provide items for review on behalf of the brand
  • Should be paid to review said item from the brand. 
  • When content is a primary source and original content (OC), without external bias. *

(*Updated 21 December 2019)


As an online media publisher and platform, some of our social media and online channels have developed a measure of peer-to-peer influence; providing users with content, have given those users the inclination to use a product or service mentioned in our content ie: influence.  

Influencer Marketing can be defined as: Influencer marketing ( a.k.a. influence marketing) is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organizations who possess an expert level of knowledge and/or social influence in their respective fields.

We will offer disclaimers to all our content on Influencer channels should the use of a product be paid for, owned by us, or given as free use. We attempt to ensure all our reviews and product feedback is fair, objective, and unbiased, ensuring our audience is making informed buying decisions and educated conversations. If you ever have any questions regarding the use of products on, please, contact us for more information. 

Affiliated Groups and Friendly Organisations:

While is it’s own online media brand and social media brand, we do associate with other organisations which provide further value to our audience, and give us the ability to gather further insight to give more detailed information. 

Some of these organisations include: