Acer Swift 7 Review

Acer Swift 7 Ultrabook Review | A Surprising Unboxing

A Surprising Unboxing:

When I communicated with the team at Acer about their latest technology and laptops, I had hoped to get some of the latest and greatest gear to review for I wasn’t disappointed.

I had intended on reviewing the new Acer Travelmate i5, which would have been very interesting, but, I would have ranted about the price and the impracticality of the product in a South African market; it just wouldn’t have worked on a larger scale in my opinion.

I was then surprised by what I actually got in the mail! A shiny new Acer Swift 7 2019 Ultrabook, complete with Cortana voice and touch screen commands.

Further, I decided I would attempt an unboxing of the Acer Swift 7, on my YouTube channel, I’d never done one before, but it was fun and weird (who does these things).

Reviewing the Acer Swift 7 in this way though ensured my reactions were real, and I guess that’s of value to a new buyer.

Here’s my unboxing and review of the new Acer Swift 7 2019 Ultrabook:

Acer Swift 7 Ultrabook Review:

The Executive Ultrabook:

Overall and at first inspection, the Acer Swift 7 Ultrabook is a pretty cool machine, it’ll do everything your average corporate executive or executive assistant would want, from emails, powerpoint presentations and documents, and while it may have the power to do some editing or creative work, I would recommend against it; it’s just not built for that.

The Acer Swift 7, is built for office and travel office, it’s not meant for a creative in any way.

Acer Swift 7 2019

The Look and Feel: Stupidly Thin

The design of the 14-inch Acer Swift 7 is easily one of the most polished I’ve had the pleasure of typing on and working through in recent times, combining lightweight material with an executive covering and finish; you feel this is meant to be in your briefcase for the next pitch meeting or speaking event. The Acer Swift 7 had won Good Design Award 2016 and that plastic I mentioned, is actually a matte aluminum exterior body.

It is also incredibly lightweight at 1.12 kg (2.48 lb). Its dimensions measure at 1.02 x 32.51 x 22.86 cm (0.4 x 12.8 x 9 inch). (ref:

Screen Resolution and Bezels:

Acer Swift 7 2019

To think we’re only a generation away from having a complete bezel-less laptop or big screen display, the idea of that technology excites me! The 14-inch Acer Swift 7 comes close to this dream, and only gives off a mere three or centimeters display bezels at the edge, and the result is stunningly beautiful, I’ve always felt that current older displays lacked that visual flavor, something that machine designers forgot to improve over time.

The Acer Swift 7 14-inch 1080 P in this case though, excels at showing off its display. It’s a treat to look at and engage with. Did I mention it was a touch screen display?

Acer Swift 7 2019 14-inch Specifications:

According to Acer themselves, the Acer Swift 7 2019 model, is complete with an Intel® Core™ i7-7Y75 |14″ FHD IPS Narrow Border Touch LCD| UMA |8GB LP DDR3 Memory OB ( non-upgradable)| 256GB SSD | HD Camera | Finger Print Reader | USB-C to HDMI Cable |Windows 10 Professional.

Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Processor i7
Processor Type Intel® Core™i7 7Y75
Memory Type 8GB LP DDR3 Memory OB ( non-upgradable)
Storage 256GB SSD
Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty
Weight 1.20
Color No
WiFi 802.11ac
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 615
Bluetooth Yes
Display Size 14″
Rear Camera No
Front Camera Yes

As usual, I’m here to help you make a better buy decision, and the Acer Swift 7 2019, is by far one of the coolest looking and feeling Ultrabook level laptops out there, it would got perfectly on your desk, but don’t look at it if you’re planning on editing videos or creating designs, it’s not what it should be used for.

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