Alien: Covenant Does Suck?! (SPOILER FREE)

Alien: Covenant, The Review:

Alien: Covenant, releasing in South African cinemas 19 May 2017, is the second instalment of the new Alien series, following 2012’s Prometheus, directly by Ridley Scott.

Returning to his role as the sentient android; Michael Fassbender is both the replicant: David and Walter, the intellectual and practical guide to his human crew, the crew of the Wayland- Yutani ship: The Covenant.

Co-staring along Fassbender, is Katherine Waterson, as Daniels, the crew’s terraforming expert, and de-facto strong female lead.

Alien: Covenant, offers both fans of the series and new comers to the franchise a look into a wider more massive universe created from the dark shadowy mind of Scott. Bringing back the neck chocking horror of the original Alien, with elements from the story and narrative intensive Prometheus, while keeping it’s special effects to a minimum and instead relying on the tight, deep, dark depth of it’s horror and monsters and the maniacal and calculated madness of it’s humans.

Horror Has Returned!

The film’s narrative tells a deeper narrative about our own humanity in our modern day, our relationship with our technology, how, we may move into playing gods and how the gods themselves are no more than just imitations. Elements of greek and christian mythology scatter the film, if you know what you’re looking for, and give the viewer a grip of reality and plausibility. Something that Prometheus failed to fully achieve.

As for the horror, it’s back! Finally, I was scared in my seat, jumped at the right leap, shuttered at the right blood splattering instant!

While Alien: Covenant has moments of drag, the drag is filled with quality narrative, the moments of horror, are, real, brave scenes of blood, terrifying screaming and dread! This would have been a perfect movie, if only the narrative was only just shorter. With a running length of two hours, the movie has moments where it removes you from the sense of dread, bringing you down, only to full you up again, which would have been fine, but it does this far too many times for you to car after the second act.

I would pay to watch this movie again, and potentially purchase the blue-ray for my midnight insomnia to enjoy. Fans will love this, newbies will enjoy it, the less enlightened in good story telling may not be able to keep track, but hey, Bay Watch is coming out soon too.

Have you seen the movie yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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Written by Brett Magill


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