A Personal Message about Burning Out.

From someone who burns out often

Burnout: “I just don’t have any inspiration”

I’ve said it a few times, there are only two people in business that I truly respect and admire. We’re not talking about Richard Branson or Elon Musk, but two real people, who I feel that are always just two steps ahead of me.

I’ve always looked at them and wondered: “How on earth do you guys keep doing it and not crash”.

This kind of thinking kept pushing me out of bed early in the mornings, kept me up late nights and forced me to meticulously question and critique my own work for quality and vision. In the race to be the best, and to get to the top of the hill first, these two people were always only just ahead of me on the track.

My Dad was a sportsman; he always told me that: “No matter how strong or how fast you are, there is someone out there stronger and faster”.

It’s that philosophy that keeps me going.

There is a massive draw back to that kind of motivation.

You tend to burn the hell out of yourself in an effort to keep up, because there is no reason why you can’t keep up if there are people ahead of you doing fine.

This year I’ve burn out at least four times (did you notice). Breaking my spirit, I’d be incapable to perform the simple basics of running a business, creating content, anything! That’s what burnout does, and it’s more dangerous than most realise.

Burnout leads to worse things; poor health, weaker relationships, dipping work quality, letting depression and doubt creep into everything you do.

The only way to beat burnout, I find, is to take serious time out, on something, anything else that you’re doing right now. If you play games for work, go for a hike, if you write for work, go to a casino, if you watch movies for work (me), go to a music festival! Do something that your brain isn’t used to, even if that means switching that damn device off and sleeping in the whole day on Saturday.

You are aloud to take time out!

As much as my two leaders will be ahead of me today, tomorrow, they’ll still be ahead and I can keep trying. There will always be more work tomorrow and there will always be more opportunity tomorrow.

The reality is, we prize the 12:00am worker, we the praise the weekend workaholic and we idolise the seven day business beast. 

Why is it admirable to see someone put everything they have into something only to die once they crossed the finish line? It’s something that has become the fashion in our society, “the hustler”, the guy/girl we strive to be, to live the life we want, the life we strive to live.

We do it because we fear being left behind, not being able to achieve our goal or loosing.

The reality is, we’re human. Capable of the greatest things, while at the same time sacrificing everything in pursuit of it.

Burning out isn’t a joke, it isn’t something that shouldn’t be admired or encouraged, its dangerous, it’s a problem, and it’s something that we need to talk about more and something that each of us need to be aware of when it’s shadow get’s near to our desks.

Take five minutes right now my friend, just sit, just stop for five minutes for yourself. 

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Written by Brett Magill


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