Dark Knight 3 The Master Race
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Dark Knight 3: The Master Race

I’ve never really done a comic book review, before writing this piece, I know I didn’t have any right or as much experience than some of my friends to “review” this creative work. Rather, I’ll tell you a story and my experience of delving into the Dark Knight’s universe once again.

Batman vs Superman

Dawn of more comic books and stories:
With the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie dropping in cinemas across the world in the next few weeks, everyone is getting back into Batman and Superman’s stories. Recently, the release of the Dark Knight III: The Master Race as comic book geeks even more amped for the movie.

In the background of all the glits and starlight, another hero epic was being created. After the success of the Dark Knight Trilogy, DC animated studios created a followup: Batman, The Dark Knight Rises.

Check out this little highlight of the Animation:

The action packed animated movie was inspired by the original comic series: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. The new Dark Knight series: Dark Knight 3/III: The Master Race follows on from the story an aged and damaged Batman and new sidekick, Carrie Kelly, the new Robin trying to save the world.

The eight-part series is Co-writen by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Miller, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson.

Book 3: “Get up, Kansas, Wallow time is over”

I started in the middle it seems, only reading Book 3 in the series so far, but it doesn’t disappoint.

The cover art is a touch childish, but the panel art has a distinct attention to the facial expressions that expresses the very deep feelings of each character, specifically Batman. Featured in this story is Superman, and in typical Miller fashion, he’s a dark and brooding hero, much like the revitalised Batman before. I’m not sure I like that though, Superman wasn’t mean to be too dark.

There are a number of features from older Dark Knight stories, such as the Sons of Batman (if that’s what they’re still called), and the development of Carrie Kelly into a more mature partner to the older and wiser Batman. Speaking of Kelly, I know not everyone appreciates her too much, but I like her character and energy, how she almost takes the dark of Batman but with her own charms.

By the end of this book, I felt I had the lay of the land already, I understood where each Justice League character had moved to, and Batman, as usual, keeping an eye on the entire chess board. The ending was a stunning look at Superman’s humanity, and made me lust after more, but, it was the end, and I think Ill keep reading this story. I hope it finishes before the Dawn of Justice movie, and I hope the movie does the writing of Miller and Azzarello justice.

Dark Knight 3 Master Race Cover

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Written by Brett Magill


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