Defy Theory Performs at Krank’d Up Fest 2018

Defy Theory Breaking out!

Brett Magill and Gary Cairncross on new Defy Theory Album:

Gary Cairncross, lead vocals and Reiner Lillie, drums, of new South African Hard Rock band; Defy Theory, had a second to chat about Defy Theory‘s music and their show at Krank’d Up Fest 2018.

Brett Magill (BM): Gary, it’s great to talk to you again, even though we’ve been close, I don’t think we’ve actually spoken on this format, we’re normally having a few beers or talking on stage! (I’m now an official MC for Defy Theory shows whenever possible!)

I think in our last chat, we discussed your new album, let’s start there. Tell me about it, I think this is your debut album that isn’t a single or EP? What are the fans going to get in this first composition?

Gary Cairncross: Yes, this is a full album release. What fans (you) can expect is a blend of our older more commercial rock sound and a taste of where we’re headed to which is something a little harder and more progressive.

Defy Theory wants to Experiment:

BM: Let’s talk style, we’ve noticed an evolution of Defy Theory from more rhythm and commercial rock flow to something a little harder, talk to me about that, are you guys moving into a different creative direction with the next two albums?

Reiner Lillie: We’re growing as musicians, and we won’t be Defy Theory if we only stick to what theoretically works, we want to experiment. Lately, we’ve been more inclined to write more progressively, trying to create a story with our songs which not necessarily falls into a normal commercial structure.

We’re experimenting with different elements, like combining Hip-Hop vocals with some Djent influenced polyrhythmic riffs, somewhere in between I think we’re starting to find our sweet spot. But who knows where our music will move to from next.

Defy Theory at Krank’d Up Fest 2018:

BM: I feel like I’ve known you guys forever, so walk me through everyone for those that don’t know, who makes up Defy Theory and what do they bring to the stage on show night?

Gary Cairncross: For those who don’t know us yet, Defy Theory is Gary (Lead Vocals), Franna and Elard (Guitars), Justin (Bass) and Renier (Drums).

On show night everyone brings their A-game. Our main aim is to make sure that our audience enjoys our show/set. The best way, we find, is to make sure that we ourselves are having a blast on stage and the crowd will feed off of that energy and it becomes something bigger.

BM: On your new album; which piece did you enjoy creating the most?

Defy Theory: We loved the creation of all the songs on the album. Specifically, Franna, Elard and Renier’s favourite song is Light in the Dark and Justin’s is Tic Toc. Gary’s favourite would be Modicum because it was the first song he rapped on.

BM: Alright, so I’ve seen you guys perform live recently, I noticed things tended to get a bit hot! Next time, what can your fans bring you from the bar?

Franna Nel and Elard: Brannewyn and coke, well a beer would suffice lol! We never really discuss our favourite drinks but when thirst comes (as it usually does) anything to quench it is appreciated!

Defy Theory Touring the UK in 2019:

BM: While I’ve caught a few of your live shows, you’re really tearing it up locally, where are you performing for the rest of 2018? Some of us would like to save up for tickets!

Franna Nel: We have a regular gig at Hi Flyerz Boksburg, always a joy with great support and also its free entrance most nights.

Then we’ve got Sink Shack in Bronkhorstspruit on 3 November 2018 and of course our next big (massive) event will be Krank’d Up Fest 2018 whose name precedes it. A massive one for us in 2019 is a festival we’ve been invited to play at in the UK in July. It’ll be our first trip overseas and we’re incredibly excited for that next chapter in our journey.

Krank’d Up Fest: The Biggest Metal Fest in South Africa:

BM: Krank’d Up Fest 2018, arguably one of the biggest and most epic metal and rock festivals of the year. You’re performing alongside some of the biggest names and long-lived legacies in the industry, what are your feelings and thoughts as a band going into the show?

Justin Visagie: We definitely agree that it’s the year’s biggest and most epic rock/metal festivals for the year and we’re so honoured to be playing alongside so many talented musos.

It’s definitely a big milestone for us to be on this year’s line-up because we’ve been aiming to be there for the last few years. Super excited to be playing with some of the best acts in South Africa at the moment as well as the international bands making their way here.

BM: The line-up at Krank’d Up Fest 2018 is rather epic, is there anyone you guys are looking forward to seeing yourselves?

Elard: The two international bands, Miss May I and Sikth. Then local bands have got to be Truth and it’s Burden and then Riddlebreak and NERVE ZERO for the fact that a few of us studied together with some of the members and are still good friends with today.

Krank'd Up Fest 2018

Getting Defy Theory:

BM: Where can your fans get your merch and music?

Reiner Lillie: Merch is available at our gigs, or you can contact the band directly on our social media pages, or phone our manager Lynette directly.

You can buy a hard copy of our album (also available at our gigs) or download it for free on our website You can also buy it on iTunes, or stream it on Apple music, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, YouTube and pretty much any streaming platform you can think of. Or you can borrow someone’s CD and rip it onto your computer. Arrrrr! 

Join Defy Theory at Krank’d Up Fest 2018:

Join the guys from Milled and Defy Theory at this year’s Krank’d Up Fest 2018! Get your tickets and don’t miss out on this killer line up from around the world!

Krank’d Up is a one-day annual music festival which takes place on the last Saturday of September in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Geared towards the discerning music fan of alternative tastes and a desire for an unforgettable time, the festival boasts an astounding array of international and local rock and metal talent.

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Krank'd Up Fest 2018

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