Everything You Need to Know About RAGE 2 but We’re Too Afraid to Ask

RAGE 2 is an explosive, over-the-top adventure through a brutal and unforgiving wasteland.

Surrounded by vicious factions and mutants with a taste for bloodshed, and dropped into a wide-open world where an armed and armored vehicle is a traveler’s best friend, your road ahead won’t be easy – but it sure as hell will be fun. Check out the full RAGE 2 E3 presentation for an extended look at gameplay and get a breakdown of everything you need to know about this carnival of carnage in our handy list below.


They locked eyes across the room, and id just knew… Avalanche was the one. id Software’s shooter pedigree and Avalanche Studios’ mastery of open-world chaos have come together to create the wild, explosive shooterverse of RAGE 2 where you can go anywhere and shoot anything. It’s got guns, vehicle combat, over-the-top action, and a beautiful, fully explorable open world.

I’ve admired Avalanche Studios for years and it was a great honor to work with such a talented team,” says id Software Studio Director Tim Willits. “I really believe we have something special in RAGE 2, the best of both studios working together to create something unique.


In the years following an asteroid’s devastation, mankind has started rebuilding pockets of civilization. Cities have sprung up, and law and order have (kind of) been restored to these population hubs – including Vineland, where Walker’s story begins.

Completely walled off from the outside world where bloodthirsty gangs fight over turf and resources, Vineland stands as a bastion of hope for the future. But not for long. Without spoiling too much of the game’s intro, we can simply say the Authority is why we can’t have nice things. Walker soon must leave his home and fight for his survival… and the survival of what little good remains in the world.

Rage2_AbadonAttackY0u Can Seamlessly Explore and Explode the Wide-Open Wasteland:

The wasteland is a big place, and Walker is going to have to fight for every inch of it. Take an airboat ride across the swamplands. Explore a city that time forgot, now overtaken by vegetation and hidden dangers. Head into “The Crack,” a vast chasm that has sprung up in the middle of the desert. You can even venture through mutant-infested sewers and high-tech Authority labs if you’re feeling bold.

With Avalanche Studios sharing the helm with id Software, you know this chaotic world will be one worth exploring.

Rage2_MoonlightIf you can see it, you can Drive It!

And there’s no need to travel the world on foot. Because why hoof it when you can ride in style?

Monster trucks, gyrocopters, ice cream trucks: Walker is spoiled for choice in this new world. Each vehicle is wasteland-ready and fully rigged to wreck shop. If you can see it, you can drive it. And if you can drive it, you can kick ass with it. Get ready for some pedal-to-the-metal, fuel-soaked destruction.

Rage2_GoonRoadCombatBring the Big Guns!

Do you want guns? RAGE 2 has got guns. Big guns. Bigger guns.
Slightly smaller guns that have big booms. Fully upgradeable guns. Guns that juggle people in the air like those big blow-up balls at beach parties. And guns that are actually just a slang term for Walker’s arms when he gets punchy.

Wingsticks Make a Come-Back:

Some might argue that the Wingstick is really the main character in RAGE 2. We’re still on Team Walker, but the Wingstick is a close second, at least in our hearts.

With new and improved upgradeable capabilities, including an explosive new finishing move, the Wingstick will leave your enemies breathless. Because they’ll be super dead. This new Wingstick also features a handy-dandy tracking ability, which will let Walker bend its trajectory around corners and turn it into a nasty little homing missile.


RAGE 2 picks up two decades after the end of the first game.
Nicholas Raine is off doing whatever middle-aged badasses do, and Ranger Walker has come to pick up the slack, defending the wasteland from the Authority.
All the other Rangers are dead, hunted by the Authority. Now Walker is the last man standing and it’s up to him to turn the tide using all the tools at his disposal, including his newfound Ranger abilities. The Rangers are an elite group of individuals (or make that “individual”) uniquely suited to kicking ass and conveniently forgetting to jot down any names.

Superpowers are a Thing:

Thanks to the sweet, sweet Arkist blood flowing through Walker’s veins, he’s able to harness special Nanotrite abilities, turning him into the wasteland version of a superhero.
He’ll rain destruction from above with the Slam ability, and pair his Wilt Chamberlain-esque vertical leap (thanks, Double Jump!) with his lightning-fast Dash to tear across the battlefield in style. Also featured in the extended gameplay demo during E3 was Walker’s Shatter ability – the power to hit his enemies with a lethal kinetic blast, giving Walker some much-needed breathing room and sometimes outright making their heads explode.
With so many options at his disposal, Walker can chain his abilities in different ways, effortlessly flowing between using his guns, gadgets and powers. Then, when he wants to unleash extra hell, he can trigger Overdrive, an absolutely ridiculous skill that lets him push his weapons beyond their limits and grants them unique new attributes. You want mayhem? That’s what Overdrive is for.

The Authority Returns: (Kinda Like The Enclave from Fallout)

The Authority has been recuperating from its loss at the hands of Nicholas Raine in the first game, but now it’s back with a renewed mission and Walker will need his entire arsenal of weapons and powers if he’s going to stop it. The Authority is tearing the wasteland apart, hunting down all remaining Arkists in the world and eliminating them. General Cross (remember him?) is also still alive and leading the Authority on its bloody chase. That dude just won’t die.

The Walker’s Rouge’s Gallery:

The world is a dangerous, messed-up place outside the towering walls of Vineland, and the Authority isn’t the only force working against Walker. Factions have sprouted up in the lawless wasteland and laid claim to anything they can. War and death are all they know, and now Walker has been thrown into the middle of everything. There are the River Hogs who have taken over the swamps. The Abadon Mutants have made their home in the sewers. The mysterious and techno-centric Immortal Shrouded own the Dune Sea territory.
And then there’s the Goon Squad, who we got a good look at in the E3 presentation. The Goon Squad is a relatively new faction in the wasteland, but their nomadic nature makes them highly dangerous.
They spread throughout the world like locusts, leaving a trail of ruin. Instead of the piracy and plunder of the River Hogs, or the careful expansionism and honorable combat of the Immortal Shrouded, the Goon Squad engage in hyper-violent raids filled with wanton destruction and murder.
If he has any hopes of surviving, Walker will need to face off against these mutants and madmen alike in the fight for the future.
RAGE 2 Gameplay E3 Trailer:

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