Ghost In The Shell 2017 Movie Review

Ghost In The Shell, 2017:

Ghost in the Shell is the American adaptation of the critically acclaimed and artistically brilliant Japanese Anime and Manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow. The cybernetic science fiction, action, crime, drama (whew), is set to release in cinemas around the world from 31 March 2017.

Directed by Rupert Sanders and Staring: Scarlett Johansson as the mysterious MajorTakeshi Kitano as the wise and charismatic Chief Daisuke Aramaki and Johan “Pilou” Asbæk as the empathetic and protective Batou.

Ghost in The Shell is not only one of the most important and best movies in 2017, but, in typical old school science fiction style, offers a societal metaphor and narrative for our current society.

We follow the story of cyborg and future cop: Major, and her team: Section 9, to foil the hostile attack or a terrorist cell, but, the team soon discover that there is more to the cell than first meets their gunpoints, uncovering a corrupt multinational corporation and the greed driving it. Visually stunning and dramatically deep, it’s a sci-fi film that needs to be on your weekend hit list!

Ghost In The Shell is Good:

The film provides a wide spectrum of high technology ideas and CGI artistry that I believe will last with time, throwing back to sci-fi film concepts and creative bravery that I’ve not seen since The Matrix or Blade Runner; with the gritty consumeresque future, hard beating and realistic action scenes and mind pausing slow motion action captures, the movie provides a lot for your mind to feast on. More though, it offers a narrative around the simple questions of: What is it to be human? Is technology saving us, or enslaving us?

What is it to be human?

The effects in this movie were absolutely stunning and worked seamlessly into the neo neon environment and each scene, the camo gear and effects in particular were for me were a work of genius! The scenes that featured the technology were well executed to eye oozing and tongue wagging effect!

Ghost in the shell 2017 movie review 3The story relied heavily on the original anime source material, including some iconic scenes for fans of the series, while at the same time offering both a romantic, companion and self discovery story that could appeal to a wider audience, without hurting the original material. I thought it was cleverly integrated and added to the Ghost in the Shell Universe.

As a character, Major is meant to be single sided yet internally complex, narrow in her emotions, the character relies heavily on her comrades to counter her lack of emotional depth, Batou for instance, acts as both Major’s empathetic and humanistic counter weight throughout both the Anime and 2017 Film, making for a partnership and chemistry that is both gripping and heartfelt, brother and sister, letting each other play in the yard as they will, but ready to both join forces to take down the local bully.

The wide undertone political elements though, which were not according to the source material, I don’t think were remise at all in the grander narrative of the film. Topics such as: child abduction and slavery, societal disconnection from itself, loss of individuality, lost of reality, the global refugee crisis, corporate greed and global poverty, each had a subtle note in this film, hinting at our society’s current psyche and what I believe may be the directors way of giving us a small reminder that although this virtual world of Ghost in the Shell is stunning on the surface, we face real problems in the real world.

Overall, Ghost In The Shell is a great movie, full of opportunities for geeks and sci-fi lovers to stand united and erect! Full of more than enough crime and spy drama to get give Money Penny a chill and just as much action and technological hijinx that’d induce heavy breathing in any Rambo fan!

Ghost in the shell 2017 movie review 2

There are Few Negatives:

I’m personally finding it difficult to fault this movie on many levels. It maybe because I know the source material, casual movie goers may get lost from time to time as scenes change and as characters or villains develop, but then again, a movie of this science fictional pedigree isn’t meant to be understood on the first viewing, it’s meant to be contemplated and obsessed over, destined to but nothing but a blip on mosts coo girl’s and jock straps radars for it’s ideas, but also to reignite it’s original anime cult all over again!

It will find a home in my geek movie library one day.

I would pay the money for the ticket to watch this movie again, and I believe it would be well worth it and satisfying. 

Tell me though, what did you think of this movie when you saw it? Love? Hate? Weird cyborg porn fetish? Talk to me in the comments section, I want to hear from you!

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Written by Brett Magill


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