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Need a Job? Use Jobs on Facebook!

Unemployment Rate in South Africa

Jobs on Facebook is easily one of the lowest barriers to entry when it comes to the local job market. With the unemployment rate in South Africa reaching disturbingly high rates, and with my recent experience with Jobs on Facebook, I felt I had a responsibility to share my findings to you.

According to the recent report from Stats South Africa; the unemployment rate in South Africa had increased in Q1 2019, up to 27,6%, or 6.2 million people. (More than the total population of Lebanon)

There are varying points of view as to why the rate is increasing, some point to poverty and inequality or unfair business practices. All media does point to education as still being a factor in improving the employability of market entrants or graduates.

However, all the degrees in the world won’t help you if you can’t find the actual job opportunity itself.

Unemployment Rate in South Africa
Source: Statistics South Africa

Jobs on Facebook Can Help:

I’m not going to try offer reasons for unemployment in South Africa or even solutions. What I would like to offer, is a channel or option for you to consider exploring in order to find new opportunities and openings in your industry.

What is Jobs on Facebook?

In a nutshell, Jobs on Facebook is a space or category of pages and listings of new job openings; published or posted by brands, on Facebook. Some of the categories you can explore include: finance, administration or healthcare.

Jobs on Facebook

The offerings on the Jobs tab (found on the left of your newsfeed) can range in quality though, from poor and unremarkable, to rare gems of professional quality and standard. Unfortunately, unlike a dedicated space like LinkedIn, you’re going to have to do some digging to find what you’re looking for.

Naturally, you can also filter by location, full-time or part-time and then profession. Almost like a Dungeon’s and Dragons character breakdown! (maybe I’m trying too hard).

Why you need a better Facebook Profile:

When I analyzed the various applicants we received (roughly 50 applications in two days), I noticed a few things; mostly that people are desperate for work, regardless of whether they fit the role or not. I also found that when users apply on Facebook Jobs; Facebook displays the “work experience” and “education” information on a new Facebook CV profile (made that term up), to the potential employer.

This display includes a few things, such as:

  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Contact number and contact email

The advantage here is that Facebook gives you the opportunity to write your own CV through the work experience and education sections on your Facebook Profile.

Facebook can be your greatest advantage when it comes to looking and displaying your online profile in a professional manner.

Jobs on Facebook
An example of an Application I made

Think of it this way, your potential employer is already auditing your online presence (scoping through your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles), so consider giving them the correct information, and from your point of view. You’re the hero of your social profile, make it good.

Roughly 90% of applicants I received hadn’t completed their own Facebook profiles and lacked any information on employment experience, work history, or contact information. This can make or break a decision on whether or not to reject or contact the applicant.

The reality of an Online Job Market:

Almost two years ago when I resigned from the agency who will not be named, I had a simple system of finding new employment:

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What would I like to do if I can’t find work in the first option?
  4. What companies would I like to work for?

I made a list, as one does, and began working down.

Sounds simple, but what a lot of job seekers don’t do, is access their virtual job listings and systematically approach job hunting, as a job.

For me, I went to what I knew: BizCommunity, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the odd post on

Optimize your online profiles and have the PDF and Print versions of your ID, Drivers License, CV, and portfolio, ready to send to a lead at a moment’s notice, and with some luck and a bit of charm, those degrees won’t go to waste on your wall.

Is Jobs on Facebook worth it?

Yes, but it will require you to optimize your personal Facebook profile if you haven’t yet. It does have the same quality as Facebook Marketplace; an option, but not the only one.

Maybe the most important point I’d like to leave you with is: DO NOT apply for a job you’re not suited for, you’re wasting the potential employer’s time, and your own time trying your luck. (This happened, it’s painful).

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Written by Brett Magill


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