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Logitech Big Brother Device: The Circle

The Logitech Circle:

The Logitech Circle is a WIFI connected streaming/recording camera device. It comes complete with a magnetic charging port and fisheye styled lens letting you watch through the Circle where ever you are in the world as long as both are connected to the WIFI.

The Circle integrates with your smartphone through the Logitech Circle App. It’s quite useful as you can review an entire day of footage and skim through the boring bits. You can also engage live through the Circle from your phone through its onboard microphone, letting you “engage” with whatever you were watching on the other end.

I’ve never really caught on to why people would want these kinds of devices. It may not be for my market really, but hey! Let’s have a look.

I personally feel it’s for people that want both security and control while not in their houses or businesses.

Image Quality and Shoot Range:

Based on many other camera devices on the market, I found the Circle’s lens and display on my smartphone to be lacklustre. It’s chunky. The pixelation can get excessively worse depending on how strong both internet connections are.

It doesn’t look great in low light conditions, which is when I assume most people may use the device.

Yes, the Circle provides you with a look into the life of pets, but at the same time, the video feels like old security camera footage from the 90’s, which is a little disappointing considering that we can get GoPro’s in 4K.

According to Logitech the Circle shoots and streams unlimited amounts of 1080p HD video. Though, again, it doesn’t feel like HD. This maybe because of the internet connection.The Circle also uses an 180° wide angle lens, providing an 180° field-of-view.

Away From Home and Security:

Logitech’s biggest sell for the Circle is its ability to provide security to the user.

There are settings that the Circle will only activate should it detect movement in its immediate vicinity. A handy way to make sure you’re not on the app all day and adding a further layer of insurance for the device; better to be secure with one, than not know if someone was actually around.

Logitech says: “Smart Alerts intelligently analyse motion to make sure you only get relevant alerts that you can trust, no matter where you are. Add Circle Safe Premium and Smart Alerts can also detect people; and after you define Motion Zones, where in the home the action took place.

Internet of Things:

Yes, the device is stunning to look at and has a flair about its functionality of how we’re all going to have smart homes one day. The device and it’s capability to provide security and awareness to the user from where ever they are, this speaks further to the internet of things, having the ability to gain data and information from every aspect of our lives, whether we’re there or not.

It’s an exciting time to be alive for the geeky and the insecure!

The Logitech Circle is a high-end device though, going for R3899 on TAKEALOT. Considering the internet connectivity concern I have, this is definitely your top level purchase. I believe that people with large houses/properties that are not there all the time, like every hard working executive, would find tremendous value in the Circle, it’s not a working class buy at all.

I had fun but found its use for me very limited.

I do think though the second iteration of the Circle: The Circle 2, is much more versatile and useful for an average user to connect where ever they are, a little more seamlessly.

What do you think?

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Written by Brett Magill


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