Math, Cat and Wembly at Good Luck Bar

Good Luck Bar, Saturday night:

The stage is set (also happens to be Gareth Wilson’s birthday party so of you know him send a message) and the crowd is made up of punks, rockers and noobs alike. It’s so good to be in a city where you are spoiled for choice as far as the arts are concerned.

Black Math come to Johannesburg:

Hailing from the East, Durban to be exact; Black Math, who I can only refer to as the modern day Black Sabbath takes to the stage in true Riff Rock n’ Roll fashion.

This three piece band, seemingly came out of Courage the Cowardly Dog’s valley (nowhere for those of you who are unfamiliar) and kicked the shit out of everything! Busting out some serious groove, infectious solos and boogie that could kill a grown water buffalo, leaving first timers stunned.

If you are planning on hitting up the festivities at Mielie Pop and/or Lush Festival, be sure to catch them there. If you’re not going, you better!

“…genres do not matter…” – Cameron

You know why these guys are so cool? Because “genre’s do not matter…” – Cameron

It is indeed quite amazing to see a whole group standing around bobbing their heads accordingly with a certain uncertainty as to where the journey will lead them. All while the crowd grows. Sounds of laughter, happiness and Rock n’ Roll fills the room while a few musicians stand in awe. But enough about that…

The Black Cat Bones!

Next up; Ballsy groove tears through the air at a thousand kilometres an hour and before you know it: THE MIGHTY BLACK CAT BONES! What a treat! I swear, every time I see them they just get better! They are releasing a new album this year to boot! I got to have a quick chat with Bassist; Chris Danger Thundervolt.

Some interesting insights were shared and I have to say, I am stoked about the year ahead as far as Black Cat Bones are concerned.

To be perfectly honest, (as Chris mentioned) now that Jean Swirgers is on the kit, there seems to be a new found energy radiating from the guys and I have to say… It is indeed goooood!

Side note, but super worthy, The Black Cat Bones launched a live DVD recently. Now if you have not done yourself the privilege to see them, pick it up and watch in awe: 10 years in the making, be sure to know that they will be making headlines on your forehead this year.

Enter Goodnight Wembley:

Enter Goodnight Wembley: THEY ARE BACK! If you have not seen these guys yet, (where the hell have you been?!) get off the couch and prepare for a proper kicking. Edgy, punkish and a whole lot of kick ass is the only way to try and explain what went down.

What was considered to be a “Reunion” show actually turned out to be a revival that promises to bring a new EP very soon. I caught up with George van der Spuy quickly and from what I could gather, 2017 is going to be quite the year in the Goodnight Wembly camp.

Needless to say, if you were not in the front, on the dancefloor or on a table you were probably getting a drink or missing out.

Side note: One thing that has become clear over the last few years though, and this is just in my opinion is that we as South Africans are sporting some amazing talent so no problem there. We have the venues, even though they are having a tough time, it is great to know that there are still people fighting the good fight and making sure that you and I can enjoy the fruits of their labour. To everyone else, tie up your shoelaces and support. It is in fact the least you can do and if you don’t, stop bitching about how you could do better or have nothing to do when there is so much to explore. You’d be surprised at the people you get to meet.

“Damn the man, Save the Empire!” – Marc, Empire Records, 1995

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Written by Etienne Grobler


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