Matty Mullins, Memphis May Fire talks about the band’s first Show in South Africa

Matty Mullins and Etienne Grobler:

Etienne Grobler [EG]: First and foremost, I can only speak for myself but I do believe I do share the excitement of at least dozens of people having Memphis May Fire melting our faces off. So first time on African soil… do you have any specific expectations for your trip?

Matty Mullins [MM]: This is the most excited we’ve been for a trip in a long time! We’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world, so to see South Africa for the first time is going to be a dream come true!

EG: Have you ever heard of a band called “Hope is for Heroes”? If not, would you be keen?

MM: I have not, but YES, of course, I want to!

EG: Reason, why I’m asking, is actually because I want to know if being in a massively famous band gives you time to find new music that you might like or put on your iPod for touring?

MM: Totally! I’m listening to Jule Vera while I do this interview. An awesome pop band I discovered while on Warped Tour this summer.

I’m listening to Jule Vera while I do this interview…

EG: Personally I have been a fan since “The Hollow”. When “Challenger” arrived, it quite literally changed the lives of not only myself but also every MMF fans I know. In going through your catalog at this time, one can definitely hear growth and evolution of the band. Would you guys say that the initial anger or angst in MMF has been dealt with or has it taken on a newer form?

MM: That’s a great question! The older I get, the more value I see in writing about the resolution instead of the problem. That’s not always the case, but it’s definitely been a trend for a lot of our most recent material.

EG: Matty, your solo project took a very different approach in regards to music and the message it carries. Would it be accurate to say that it portrays a much different side of the screaming man we all know? A deeper side as it were?

MM: I’m the same person in both projects, I just get to express myself differently in both. It’s a really healthy balance for me to do both.

EG: Now, I’m super curious to know what the rest of you guys keep yourself busy with in the meantime?

MM: Everyone has hobby’s & genuinely enjoys their time at home with family & friends.

…we would NEVER share underwear or toothbrushes!

EG: The life of a big time touring band such as MMF must be hard, with that being said, have you guys ever been forced to share clothes, underwear, toothbrushes… you know, that kinda thing?

MM: We’ve always been a well-prepared band, but even if we weren’t we would NEVER share underwear or toothbrushes lol.

EG: (Here’s to hoping that you guys are somewhat familiar with “Mortal Kombat”) In a death match between Shao Kahn and Snookie… Who would you put your money on?

MM: Snookie is pretty fierce lol. That’s a tough one!

EG: South African metal fans are getting pumped for Krank’d Up. Can we expect a few surprises from you guys?

MM: Definitely! Since this will be our first time in SA, I imagine the whole show will be a surprise 😉

EG: Do you guys agree that most situations can be resolved with a swift game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”? Or how do you guys resolve inevitable conflict or disagreements within the MMF camp?

MM: Agreed. Even the most difficult of situations. After being in a band together for 10 years, we know what pushes each other’s buttons & we just avoid those things as much as possible.

EG: We are so looking forward to seeing you guys soon and destroying the stage. High fives all around and if we do bump into each other at the fest, the secret password is “Average Joe’s Gym”! 

Memphis May Fire at Krank’d Up 2017:

We cannot wait to see Matty and the Memphis May Fire crew up on stage at this year’s Krank’d Up 2017! If you can’t either, check out the details below, see you all there!

Krank'd Up 2017

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Written by Etienne Grobler


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