Mexicano Love Origins and Exclusive Mix

Mexicano Love on Afro-House Mix:

It feels like I’ve been exposed to beats of Mexicano Love for the last four or five years, but I’ve never had the chance to speak to you about them, in fact, it looks like there have been very few online spaces that have spoken to you about your craft, so why don’t we start from the beginning, get your fans a glimpse into who is Mexicano Love and what you’re about.

A Mexicano Love Exclusive: TheMexiMix Vol.2

The Mexicano Love Evolution:

Brett Magill (BM): We spoke once about your style, you said that you take inspiration from Chutney House, do you still vibe around that, or how would you describe your style?

Mexicano Love: I think since I started out mixing with that genre it will for sure influence my music taste, but I don’t vibe around that completely anymore. My style has changed quite a bit from when I started, but currently, I’m focusing on Afro-house and Afro-tech. I feel like it’s something everyone can vibe to and is great for most slots at a club.

My inspiration comes from the like of Sam Paganini, Solomun, and local artists…

BM: Tell me about your creative flow, where does your inspiration for your beats come from, how do you put your sets together?

Mexicano Love: My inspiration comes from the like of Sam Paganini, Solomun, and local artists such as Prince Kaybee, Who is Themba and of course Black Coffee. To be honest, I’ll roughly plan a set by getting some old and new tracks together, and I’ll add my personal flavor to them. But what I practice at home, for sure isn’t the set at my gigs, I play to what the crowd reacts to and take it from there.

Mexicano Love’s Origin:

BM: What first got you into becoming a DJ, it’s not something you just fly into or did you? Mexicano Love

Mexicano Love: The first time I started mixing was actually on my moms iPhone 4! I was hooked and got my first Dj set when I was 15. I can remember that I only had 1 gig that year and I felt like it wasn’t for me.

At 17 I was given residency at Runway Beach Bar and after that, I just started getting more opportunities to play for different hosts. I don’t think it’s something you can fly into, you need to be patient and grind hard for what you want and it will all come in due time.

Mexi Looks at Ibiza:

BM: I feel like I get an invite from you every other day about a new gig you’re performing at, but what’s THE gig you want to perform at?

Mexicano Love: I try to invite as many people as possible not only to play for a larger crowd but to help out the club hosts as well , but the gig that id love to perform at would be anywhere in Ibiza, I think my Dj career would change drastically and I’ll definitely be playing with the best of the best .

Mexicano Love Shows in 2018:

BM: What’s next for you in 2018, where can you fans flock to find your next performance?

Mexicano Love: Honestly I don’t know what’s next, I take each day as it comes, I’ve got a few performances coming up but my fans can find out everything they need to know by using my link

Mexicano Love
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Written by Brett Magill


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