Mielie Pop Festival: Majozi Gives us an Update

Majozi Update’s Us:

Every year, we get really excited about one festival in particular: Mielie Pop Festival! It is after all, the festival that started the entire music focus of our bloq! This year around, we’ve been given the opportunity to speak to some of the most anticipated acts playing at the three day festival!

Majozi is a musician I’ve always admired but only now had a chance to speak to him about his music a bit and his energy toward the coming festival! This is what what went down:

Brett Magill [BM]: There have been a lot of musicians in the South African music scene that have been placed at some of the most talented in our great land, but none can say they created a music video out of Prisma! Welcome Majoiz! Ok, we’ve been here before, Richard had the honour of speaking to you a while back, but let’s talk about where you’re going, How was 2016 for you, not a great year for a lot of people, but you’ve been busy! Update us!

Majozi [MJ]: Ya. With regards to that Prisma idea. I am fortunate enough to have an awesome team at Universal who pull awesome things like that out of their bag of tricks. 2016 was a great year for me. I released my first full length album and all the singles we released were really well supported by fans and radio stations across the country. I am so grateful. Obviously I also failed at a lot of things in and out of music, but thats all part of growing and learning. So basically, last year was amazing.

[BM]: When it comes to creativity is seems like you don’t have any fear of trying something new and pushing the boundaries of the music creative in the industry. The Prisma inspired music video of, The Woods for example, can your fans expect any interesting developments in the new year?

[MJ]: I have an awesome team that understands me and want I wanna try and do with my music. I’ve been busy refining and planning some great ideas for about a year now, but you’ll have to wait to see what those are. I can promise you it will be different.

[BM]: It seems that your style blends well into a lot of local electronic and house music. Are there any plans for collaborations early this year? Something we can shout out to the universe?

[MJ]: I’ve spoken to a few guys this year, and I plan to do a few colabs, but I’m gonna play them close to my chest until everything is final

[BM]: Honestly though, I’ve been trying to track what’s new and up and coming for 2017 for you, but I’ve come up dry! What are the plans for the next few months, anything we should be looking out for? A new album maybe?

[MJ]: Ha ha. If I could I would pull an Adele and release an album every 4 years, but luckily I enjoy the process to much, so you will hear something near the end of the year.

[BM]: This year a lot of people are getting hyped and prepped for the latest instalment of the Mielie Pop Festival 2017! I for one am packing extra clothes in anticipation for trips or tumbles in the local river! But what can we expect Majozi to bring to the mix this year?

[MJ]: I’ve been working a lot on my crowd interaction. As a musician you feed off the energy of the crowd and visa versa. I just want as all to have a good time and leaving feeling good. I’ve also been working on exploring different arrangements of my songs. So expect one or two surprises

[BM]: Curious though, is this your first Mielie Pop?

[MJ]: My first!!!!!!

[BM]: It feels like there isn’t a radio station that doesn’t include your music in their top lists: Fire, The Woods, Darling to name a few, tell the guys at home, where does the inspiration for your unique flavour come from? Braai meat? Craft beer?

[MJ]: Ha ha ha thats hilarious. We’ll the lyrical content is always driven by my faith and relationship, but I guess the more sonic elements of my music is influenced by my guitar, as it’s been my primary writing tool write from the beginning.

{BM}: Last point I promise! If you had to give one piece of advice to any young would be musician trying to grind out a slice of the industry locally, what would you say to them?

[MJ]: Be kind, be generous, love people and practice practice practice!

To prepare for the coming Festival this February, here’s Majozi’s YouTube playlist for your pleasure:

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Written by Brett Magill


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