Movie Review: Logan, the Best Wolverine Movie Ever Made!

Logan, The Movie 2017:

Logan, releasing in cinemas in South Africa 03 March 2017, is the last movie that will feature Hugh Jackman’s interpretation of Wolverine and is the tenth movie to feature the X-Men universe since the first X-men film release by Bryan Singer in 2000.

Hugh Jackman stars as James Howlett aka. Logan or Wolverine, alongside Patrick Stewart, who is reprising his role as Professor Charles Xavier.

Logan Movie Synopsis:

Logan offers a look at the troubled character of Wolverine, deeper than we’ve ever looked before. The movie offers such a real look into Wolverine’s humanity, his history, his inner character, and his pain. We’ve never, seen Wolverine like this. It’s because of that fact that I believe this is the best Wolverine movie ever made.

Please note, the following may contain spoilers, I’ll do my best not to, but this movie took me on a journey down a rabbit hole deeper than I thought: 

Logan Movie 2017 Movie Review Milled

The Plot, Story and Flow:

Logan is set in the year 2029, initially, the story of Logan was based or ins,pired by the graphic novel: Old Man Logan, and while I found that the film included many elements from the graphic novel, you need to know that it’s nowhere near the book. I feel that the movie in contrast to the source material stands on its own as a unique and separate story, cut away from the ideas of the novel and adapted to the universe we know and have grown with.

Logan (Hugh Jackman), or as he’s called more often in the movie; James (Wolverine’s canon name), takes on the role of provider and protector for the aging and slightly mad Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart). Logan scrapes a living as a limo driver for the populace around the Mexico – US border. With the help of caregiver; Caliban (Stephen Merchant), Logan hopes to eventually relocate himself and Xavier to the coast and a boat where The Professor will be both safe and free from harming himself and others.

Logan Movie 2017 Movie Review Milled

Logan is old, hurting and sick, his Adamantium metal skeleton had begun to degrade and poison his body, weakening him to a point where his healing factor is nearly non-existent, Logan isn’t the hero he was, and is looking to escape, leave the world behind and just live.

The world is not as we know it in 2017, the Mutants are gone, they stopped being born at some point and are now an endangered species and still shunned by society.

That hasn’t stopped humans from trying to turn the mutant race into their own weapons.

That was until a women from a (enter cookie cutter evil government funded corporation name) looked to The Wolverine for help to save the life of a child, Laura (Dafne Keen), who we’d find out to be Logan’s genetic daughter; X-23.  Wolverine now flees across the south east of the US trying to keep The Professor and now Laura alive, eventually saving Laura and escorting her to Eden, a safe haven for her youthful mutant kind, all victims of the evil corporation.

Logan: Movie Spoiler Review:

What Type of Movie is this?

I enjoyed this movie! I didn’t at first, I felt like an emotional wreck! This is not a super hero movie, don’t expect to have bright leotards and super shields and flying avengers through the air, you’re not going to get it.

What you are going to get is a Western, with a X-Men skin thrown over it, a throw back to western movies of the 40’s and 50’s with the savage bloody action of the Wolverine comic books, the movie needed it’s (R) rating.

Because of the Western-esque under style, there are many Western archetypes throughout the film, hints of Clint Eastwood in Logan’s old character, stereotypical forgettable black hat villains, cyber cowboys with an agenda and lots of guns. These Western genre elements are apparent throughout the film, and on it’s own, if we didn’t have Wolverine and Professor X in the movie, that may have made a good Sci-fi Western flick as it stands, until the last stand.

Logan Movie 2017 Movie Review Milled

The Narrative Tone:

The movie is dark, it’s sad and has an overall brooding and sad tone (just like a western), after all this is the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as the most loved X-Men character of all time, it makes sense that the movie would want to add heavier emotional weight to the story to give you, the viewer, a sense that this is the end, and it does, it really does.

More than a sense of pacing, the movie does a great job at reflecting what made the Wolverine comic books so unique, it’s long, thoughtful monologue and dark introversive thoughts of Wolverine himself. Hugh Jackman portrays that battle between Logan’s internal emotional demons and painful past and the physical world pushing back down on him, the result is nothing less than the most dramatic and real representation of Logan we’ve ever witnessed.

Old man Logan is at his weakest and he’s sick, he’s in pain almost constantly, You feel like you’re watching your dog get old, your best friend, slowly get older and weaker until it’s inevitable end.

Logan walks you through each ounce of pain he goes through, each jerk and cramp and blood shot eye. You’re in pain with Logan, you’re feeling his journey to redemption and the weight of his past and his self imposed guilt.

Logan Movie 2017 Movie Review Milled

Then What’s Wrong with it?

My only gripe, is that, sadly like the books, there are times the movie can drag a little, adding more weight maybe, but I feel a few scenes were really not needed for the overall effect and for a two hour movie, I would have liked to see certain scenes in the third act cut slightly.

Yes the movie is meant to be sad, but wow, it’s really heavy, so much so, you may leave the movie at first feeling too sad to consider it’s brilliance, it’s weight and meaning. Just wait for the final scene to see what I mean!

Overall this is the best Wolverine movie and story ever made, this is not a superhero movie, this is not an X-Men movie, this is Wolverine. Some will hate it, but that’s because they just want big explosions and half-naked bodies in fast cars and such, true fans of the character, the universe and the actor will love it.

Logan, will not win an Oscar, but it will, in time, win your heart.

I do want to know what you think of the movie when it opens in cinemas this 03 March 2017, tell me what you thought of it in the comments! 

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Written by Brett Magill


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