What is the OMEN Command Center?

The OMEN Command Center:

The idea of the OMEN Command Center is essentially space for OMEN PC users to adjust and manage the customization of their PCs.

The goal of the Command Center is to improve the quality of service, improve overall performance and reduce latency (which has been recording at being reduced up to 70%) and provide this option for casual users too.

Further; it helps you manage updates and downloads to better, where updates and gaming are shifted between either Ethernet internet connectivity or WiFi Connection, meaning that while you’re gaming on the Ethernet, your updates will go on in the background using the WiFi.

This will apparently improve your overall gaming experience.

This was the announcement from OMEN last week from OMEN’s Chief Technologist; Mike Nash: “We want to make sure that we’re opening up the experience to a wider range of customers, and the OMEN Command Centre is a central hub for customizing OMEN PCs. It will also only expose features that are available and possible with your build”.

The goal of the CC is to improve the quality of service and reduce latency when it comes to overclocking gaming, further; it helps you manage updates and downloads to better manage where the OMEN’s power and processing go, to provide a more consistent gaming experience.

Also, you can manage the keyboard’s colours, which is cool too.

OMEN Command Center

What do you think of the new Command Center? Something we need, or a nice to have? Let me know in the comments!

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Written by Brett Magill


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