OMEN Launches Virtual Reality Gear

OMEN and Virtual Reality:

OMEN has just released more information on their Virtual Reality offering, which according to Cheif Technologist; Mike Nash, is not a new concept for OMEN, but it is a focus for them. Nash mentioned that OMEN is looking at VR as a major push for gaming in the coming years, sighting immersion as a key reason for this shift.

Having the ability to not be stuck to a computer is a keyboard or desk was a key need for VR. The initial response was the OMEN VR Backpack, which came with its own learnings. OMEN took those initial learnings and created the OMEN X Compact Desktop, which is a backpack, but at the same time can be used as a docked desktop tower.

“Small factor PCs don’t need to suffer from weaker hardware. It’s perfect for eSports, but also VR pioneers” – Mike Nash

The OMEN X Compact Desktop comes with: Factory overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and two 7th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor with unlocking options. The pack also comes with up to 1TB storage options.

I think considering it’s essentially a mini PC, it’s quite impressive for a gaming backpack, the entire device looks comfortable and seems like it wouldn’t get in the way for either travel or a virtual reality adventure.

My largest concern though is the lack of need for a piece of gear like this, sure it’s cool and I like the fact that it’s a mobile tower and has the ability for a virtual reality capability, but, I can’t think of reasons to consistently need it for a VR experience, rather just the ease of user for a high spec gaming PC.

It’ll be interesting to see what OMEN have in mind in the next few years for this developing technology.

Pricing of the OMEN X Compact Desktop:

  • Compact Desktop, with dock: $2499, which could equate into roughly R32,000 (This is my opinion and isn’t confirmed)
  • The Backpack Accessory: $599 which could equate into roughly: R7,700 – R8000 (This is my opinion and isn’t confirmed)

What do you think though, is this a new fad or an investment into the future of gaming? Let me know in the comments: 

OMEN X Compact Desktop

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Written by Brett Magill


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