Mobile Game Review: Zombie Wars

Zombie Wars: Mobile Game Review:

Another day, another zombie game, but this time, it’s everything we’ve wanted in a zombie game, minus that stupid story that studios keep wanted to push down our throats!

Zombie Wars is a new mobile game from local South African gaming studio: Robot Games. It combines the small scale of your mobile device with an epic soundtrack and addictive simple and entertaining gameplay.

Overall, it offers a lot of fun and an actual challenge for a mobile game, which these days is a rare commodity, studios would rather have you pay for a higher difficulty or something similar. While the game offers a challenge, the problem comes down to it’s controls for me, sure it’s simple and easy to use, but when you get further enough into the game, move and fighting almost seem to have some kind of delay or latency: not great if you’re trying to defeat hordes of nasties!

At the end of the day, it’s a fun game and gives a few hours of fun, with the want to keep going. If you can fight past the latency problem after a few updates, then you should have hours of fun here.

It’s almost perfect, except for it’s lack of multiplayer. I have no idea what shape the multiplayer may take, but some kind of simple arcade system to compete with friendly zombie slayers sounds like a round about idea.

Download Zombie Wars on Android or iOS! But first, checkout this wicked trailer: 

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Written by Brett Magill


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