Six3two Town Hall Stream February 2019: What’s happening to Milled?

What is a Town Hall Stream?

Traditionally, a Town Hall meeting is where everyone in a community comes together to ask questions pertaining to the community in which they engage in or inhabit. I’ve seen a few brands do something like this in the past and I personally think it’s a great way to get feedback from a community and talk to everyone about some ideas or changes the company or brand is doing.

In the case of; I ran the first Town Hall through an Instagram stream, we’ll see if this works in the future, but as a platform everyone can easily check in on, Instagram made sense. I may do a simulcast-on Facebook and YouTube too as we grow up a bit.

I hope to see you guys at the Six3two Town Hall Stream in March. It’s all rather exciting for me!

Six3two Town Hall Stream February 2019: What’s Happening to Milled? Watch Here:

What’s Happened to Milled?

The first Town Hall was going to be empty, there’s just no one around yet, but I did get a few questions on private channels I thought would be a good idea to address. One of the more prominent; “What’s happened to Milled?“.

In a nutshell, all the older Milled content will be transferred to and archived (Can’t let that tasty content go to waste, and some of our old team still use that content in their portfolios, they put in the hard work, it’s only fair that I responsibly look after it).

The domain itself will be used as a redirect to and so will all emails and contacts. It’ll just keep it neat.

As for Milled on Facebook, I ask anyone who’s currently a fan to check out the new Facebook page for Six3two, and if you like it, I’d love your support there too. If not, well, no hard feelings.

Am I still Doing Music Media?


Simply; no. I won’t be doing the same boring stuff that every other music blog is doing (credit to those blogs though, I jus

t won’t be doing it that way), I’d rather focus on high quality of spammy press releases, competitions and interviews.

I would rather do featured stories of a deep discussion with a band or musician, get down to the bone, focus on really telling a story, rather than just a ten question interview for free tickets to the local show.

I’ll still keep my eye on all the press that is generated and tabs on some of my favorite bands like The Hellcats. Don’t worry, I see you.

Why Tech? What about Gaming?

I’ve always loved tech; reviewing it, talking about it, playing with it, nothing get’s me as excited.

Music and gaming, sure, it has its space and I will always love music and going to an; off the wall amazing heart-pounding music fest! But it’s more of a blow out than something I sharpen my sword to.

Six3two Nintendo Switch

Saying that, I feel that it’s still a part of what makes me; me, gaming too, it’s just a part of my make-up and like doing a music or musician interview, I must focus on quality over quantity. If I do talk about other topics like Formula 1, Gaming, Music or anything actually, it’ll be developed and executed with a high-quality brush-stroke; rather than a silly little Facebook post.

This direction will benefit anyone engaging in content in the long term; establishing us as a real, reliable and trustworthy brand and media company; if anything, it’ll at least look cool.

In a nutshell, that’s it. Thanks to everyone for checking out the first Town Hall, it was rad for me, and I hope future ones can be more engaging with the community we’ll be building. 

If you have any questions be sure to drop them in the comments.

Until next time!

If you want to check out the new YouTube Channel, see it here:

Six3two YouTube Channel

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Written by Brett Magill


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