Sleepless (2017): Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

Sleepless in Las Vagas

With Jamie Foxx:

Sleepless is an 2017 action movie, starting Jamie Foxx, and some other people, but you’re not going to care about them. Jamie Foxx stars as a Las Vagas police officer: Vincent Downs.

Downs and his partner; Sean Cass, played by T.I., are corrupt money hungry, shotgun happy police officers in the city of sin, and they’re both basically broke as hell. They steal some drugs, a lot of drugs, belonging to the wrong kind of family, a family that has the habit of chopping limbs off should you cross them.

What follows is a combination of a hostage action drama (drama only because it’s Down’s son that’s been taken hostage), with a whole lot of sweating, a fair amount of blood and some pinches of typical Foxx cool humour.

Sleepless 2017 Movie ReviewThis was not a great movie. The plot was all over the place, with some glimpses of style, but overall, the plot was weak, which would have been fine, but I felt the entire movie was carried by Foxx. There was no reason to care about any of the other characters besides Foxx and maybe the Casino owner. The action was good, but, nothing new. If anything Sleepless tried hard to borrow the new action movie formula made clear by John Wick, but lacked the creative camera work, intriguing plot or characters or acting ability.

Please don’t spend money on this movie, and wait until it comes to your television set or local pirate website. Yes it was fun, but so what, so was John Wick, and this movie did more to make me want to watch that movie than try and figure out how small/big this casino was.

The movie tagline: Don’t Judge a Cop by his Cover, is silly, it implies that this will be the crux of the film, and it really isn’t. Yes, Down’s cover is brought into play, but, why on earth would we trust a dirty cop who until now has given us no reason to think any more of him.

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Written by Brett Magill


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