Spider-Man Homecoming [SPOILER FREE]

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Review:

Spider-Man Homecoming: is a Marvel Movies superhero movie, directed by Jon Watts and starting: Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Michael Keaton as Vulture! (Robert Downey Jnr. is there too for the record, if it matters)

This is the best and most refreshing interpretation of Stan Lee and Steve Disko’s comic book: Spider-Man.

The movie overall and unlike Ant-Man doesn’t rely heavily on the Avenger’s universe to be a good movie. If anything, you feel the Avenger’s presence in the Spider-Man universe is more of a backdrop, a conversation in a corner. The film has a nearly perfect combination of comedy, teenage drama and action while keeping it grounded in reasonable reality to make nearly every character in the film relatable.

Spider-Man and Tom Holland:

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man is awesome! At first, I was concerned about how young he was, but then I realised that he’s playing the youngest version of Spider-Man, where Tobey Maguire (Hated him) and Andrew Garfield (Better than Maguire) played working age Spider-Person’s (Keeping it PC). Holland played the role perfectly, almost perfectly balancing the nerdy science twerp of high school Peter Parker, and the cocky, confident and funny alter-ego of Spider-Man, while not seeming forced or over dramatic, he soothed seamlessly into the blue and red onesie.

I’ve been very concerned around superhero film villains for the past few years, they’ve each suffered from being over the top or flat in character and shallow in motivation. Studio’s want you to know he’s bad and that’s that. When it comes to Michael Keaton’s portrayal of The Vulture, I was overjoyed!

It may speak to Keaton’s acting ability or the quality of character writing of Jonathan Goldstein, but Vulture was perfect. A villain, yes, but at the same time, we can sympathize with his side of the story, we can relate to his struggle before he became Vulture and we can gain a sense of ourselves: “What would we do” if we’d be in a similar situation (Obviously not dress like a bird, but, at what lengths would we go to, to survive and support the one’s we love).

The character development of both Spider-Man and Vulture reach a crescendo introducing the third act of the film, and it’s intense, actually, utterly intense, it was amazing! The camera work, the music and staging of the meeting of these two personalities in one space gives you both chills, excitement and anxiety for Spider-Man. It’s probably my favourite scene in the whole movie.

Finally, the ending, after becoming the truest and most real hero of the entire Marvel film franchise by saving the day, we’re left with Spider-Man, our friendly neighbourhood hero, the best of them. Not a battling demigod, not a monster, not a billionaire, an average joe like you and me, making him the most relatable hero ever.

We Are All Spider-Man:

Spider-Man is further a narrative to all of us, wanting to be a part of something more, while at the same time, having very personal and real problems and challenges we need to overcome every day, outside an alien invasion.

Spider-Man Homecoming is my favourite Superhero movie this year and is probably my favourite Marvel movie since Iron Man 1.

Do yourself a favour, go and watch it, enjoy it, love it, it’s awesome!

Last thought; stay for the after after credits scene and if MJ bugs you, you’re an asshole. 

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Written by Brett Magill


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