Sundowners: We Are Charlie, BOXER and HELLCATS!

Great Music in my Home Town!

It’s not every day that some of my favourite local rock talent comes down south to my home town of Alberton (Sundowners is just outside of the Alberton parameter, but close enough). Last Friday, I had the chance to check out some of those favourites: The Hellcats of course, I would have gone just for them, but I also had a chance to check in on We Are Charlie and BOXER!

The gig started at 7:00pm and the must started at 9:00pm. For anyone that frequents Sundowners, they’ll know more than even I, but, for those of you who’ve never been there before, it’s a great place to be away from most boring aspects of society, the beer is cold, the indoor fire place hot and a open pool table.

R40 entrance, a small price to pay for the stellar as always performances on the night. These are after-all top level bands, making a break out in Johannesburg!

Ill be honest, as the night went on, I was sad that there wasn’t as many people as I hoped showing up on the Friday night for these bands. I almost wanted to hate mail my contacts list for not coming through to support. We, the people who love local music, need to come out and support local music, or we won’t have it anymore.

I personally get frustrated when people (Not everyone) complain that there is no future for local music, but won’t spend a few bucks to buy their new album or come to their show when it’s in the back yard. We’ve gotta be better people!

Other than the small, yet, extremely passionate crowd, the bands rocked and I personally cannot wait for them and their fellows to make Sundowners or any place willing to take them in the South again.

Why not check out some samplings of the bands that played that night, and hey, like their Facebook page for good measure if you can’t make it to their next show:

BOXER, Catch and Release, Animal Album, 2016:

We Are Charlie, Starting to Stop (NEW):

THE HELLCATS, collaboration with the T’s and C’s, 2016:

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Written by Brett Magill


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