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Boet Fighter

The Creators of Boet Fighter: A South African Fighting Game

Boet Fighter: A South African Fighting Game:

I’ve always dreamt of designing video games, but I never thought I could create anything close to Warcraft or Doom, so, I walked a different career path. In 2018, the indie gaming space in South Africa is booming and the newest addition to the industry is a new sidescrolling fighting game, the latest creation by local game studio Robot Wizard: Boet Fighter!

I managed to chat with Louis du Pisani, Gord Laws and Niekie Van Niekerk, the creative and mostly insane minds behind Boet Fighter, we need to get to know these mechanics of gaming mayhem a bit better:

Boet Fighter: Gameplay Sampler

Behold, charna! A video sample of actual gameplay of Boet Fighter! The schweetest flippin' platform faaghting game ever! Well, it will be. Very soon, boet!

Posted by Boet Fighter on Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Where did the idea of Boet Fighter come from?

Brett Magill (BM): Boet Fighter, what a game, what a name, what a concept! Tell me, how did you and your team come up with the idea of Boet Fighter?

Louis Du PisaniLouis du Pisani (Louis): The concept came from a very simple observation, that a lot of the games and movies we were raised within the 80’s/90’s probably won’t fly today… unless it’s based in Fourways. The plot for the first Double Dragon really drove this point home.

After the damsel in distress gets kidnapped you emerge to the sounds of a roaring lambo engine, fight everyone you can find to rescue her and if you’re playing with a friend you have to fight each other to see who ‘gets to be with her’ in the end.

The boring side of the answer is that during the wind down of Jengo’s crowdfunding campaign I did a little SWOT analysis of what worked and what didn’t. After the above mentioned Fourways observation, I watched a few of Gord’s Hard Eddy videos and called him up to pitch the idea.

Next up we got Niekie in, a wunderkind who just knows all the computer stuff.

Gords LawGord Laws (Gords): Well, it seemed kind of obvious to me. It was the first thing that came into my head. Lou was a bit hesitant because he worried it played too much on “Street Fighter“, but that’s kind of what I loved about it.

When I work with ad agencies, I always tell my teams; “If you come up with the idea you love straight away, work really hard at trying to better it. If you can, then you have an even better idea. If you can’t, then you know it’s as good as you first thought. Either way, don’t just go with it.“, that’s kinda what happened.

We played with other options but kept coming back to Boet Fighter. Then Lou did the logo, and we were all, like, “That’s it”.

I think Niekie liked it straight away too? I don’t remember. Shit… now that I think of it, “Battle Boets” might have been a good option. Damnit.

Charna, Boet Faaghter is the greatest and most tit name for a flippin’ video game ever, in all of laaf

Hard EddyHard Eddy: Charna, Boet Faaghter is the greatest and most tit name for a flippin’ video game ever, in all of laaf. Those dooses Louis and Gord traad to tune me what-what about it. I just enquaared as to whether they’d laak to get up close and personal with maah guns, boet. This one (* pumps right bicep) is “Naatrus“, and this one (* pumps left) is “Oxide”, boet.

That was the end of that debate, charn.


Where was Boet Fighter Built?

BM: Speaking of your team, who built this masterpiece of smash and klap and where was it built?

Louis: We all get together to discuss what we’re going to do and then I do the design and animation things. Niekie and his team at New Reality deal with the code, the gameplay, and the audio needs. Then Gord comes in and adds his voice over magic.

Niekie van Niekerk (Niekie): Simply put we have been running a production line, Lou on the art, Gord on the voice and story and then my team handling the task of putting it all together and making it a fun game.

Gords: Hey! I write the copy too! And handle some of the storyline and concept vibes.

Boet Fighter Gameplay:

BM: What I love about the initial look of Boet Fighter is its old-school arcade gaming feel and flat design with colourful illustrations. How would you describe the gameplay in Boet Fighter and what other games that have come before would you say inspired it?

…Think Street Fighter meets Double Dragon!

Louis: 2D is all I can do, so that’s why the game looks the way it does. Jengo is the brown game, Boet Fighter is the purple game, so it’s on the other end of the saturation scale.

Niekie: We have kept with that old-school feel that everyone knows and loves, simple mechanics mixed with action-packed combat. Think Street-Fighter meets Double Dragon, its looking and feeling great. We can’t wait for everyone to play it.

Boet FighterIs Hard Eddy the Ultimate Boet Fighter?

BM: Tell me about Hard Eddy, he’s the ultimate boet! Or is he? Tell me about the character, is there anything hectic we should know about this Boet Fighter?

Gord: Honestly, Hard Eddy just lives within my psyche. I dunno what that says about me, psychologically. His history is kind of a long story, but he evolved out of kak-praat with my pal Gump, and slowly became an actual character with views and opinions and a background and side characters etc. I started making videos years ago, working with a series of different people, and they were pretty well received, but slowly started feeling like hard work.

Then I started doing Hard Eddy as a recorded audio insert on The Gareth Cliff show. I also do him live on the show sometimes (I co-host with Gareth Cliff and the Team once a week). Louis is an old friend, and he’s always enjoyed Eddy, plus, we’ve always wanted to collaborate, and we have here and there, so when he brought me the idea, I was like; “Hell, yes, I’m in!”. It just sounded like loads of fun, which it has been, and I have been looking for something fun to do with Eddy since the videos became a mission (and I got too fat too look like Eddy anymore, ha ha! Sob).

…he’s a giant, flaming, alpha-boet douchebag!

He said he had the perfect guy – Nickie – and I immediately loved the oke, it’s all been a pleasure so far.

Honestly, most of Eddy just comes from Eddy. It sounds “drama school douche“, I know, but I just go into character and let him do his thing. I’m often just as amazed/surprised/amused by what comes out as anyone else.

In short; the thing about Eddy is that he means well, he’s a giant, flaming, alpha-boet douchebag embodying everything that is wrong with testosterone arseholes from Joburg (and various other bits of SA) but he genuinely believes that he is right, fighting for good and that he is helping other people to “be less kak”.

What is the Future of the Boet Fighter Series?

BM: What’s the long-term goal of this game and Robot Wizard Games? It’s dripping with the possibility of a whole epic awesome Boet Fighter universe! Maybe a series?

What we started in Fourways, will spread across the world!

Louis: What we started in Fourways, will spread across the world! Every town has it’s boet.

Where can we download Boet Fighter?

Boet FighterBM: I understand the game is still in final development, when can we get our hands on a copy and more importantly; where can we get a copy of Boet Fighter?

Niekie: SOON! We will be launching on desktop and console first, so you’ll be able to pick it up on the respective stores of each platform. Soon after that, you’ll be able to take Boet Fighter with you wherever you go when we port to mobile.

What’s Next?

For me, I love the idea of a straunch boet running around saving the day and making a meal of the scene while he does it. By the looks of the trailer, it’s a smash and smack game with a draft load of South African humor and looks packed full of action and something we don’t see much in games these days: heart.

I cannot wait to get my hands on Boet Fighter and tell you all about it when it comes out until then, support the game by liking their Facebook page and sharing their trailer.

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Written by Brett Magill


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