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CRAFT Club: “Can’t Remember a F*%king Thing”

What is CRAFT Club? To its open membership, based out of Moonshot Cafe, it can be different things.

For some, it is a place to meet new and interesting people and listen to a speaker, to others, a great place for amazing food and craft beer, to me, and some of my friends, it’s a platform that offers the opportunity for speakers to begin conversations we should be having in public.

According to the organisers at Moonshot Cafe; “the Club will bi-weekly host the most interesting, controversial, taboo, off-limits and generally socially unacceptable speakers we can find. Paired with a tasting or sampling of sorts.


CRAFT Club Soap Box and Content: 

I had the pleasure of speaking at the recent CRAFT Club 3; discussing The Dark Side of Journalism. I was accompanied by some real heavy hitters in the local journalistic space, sadly, one speaker couldn’t make it, but all the same, the content of what my peers and I discussed, I felt isn’t a part of the popular or trendy narrative in the current zeitgeist.

I made it very clear that while I wasn’t a journalist, and shouldn’t be called one; I discussed my experiences with journalists, public relations agencies and how Governments across the world use these resources to spin their propaganda; lubricated by their unlimited funding.

Brett Magill

Phillip Bruwer of Maroela Media, for one, told us chilling tales of his journalistic challenges in dealing with stories around rape victims or murders, and how the victims lost court cases due to poor police work, and the heavy toll the storyteller: the Journalist, must pay to tell these stories.

The CRAFT Club taught me, and it’s audience a lot about an industry that touts facts and honesty but doesn’t discuss the people that created those stories. A conversion, that is both controversial and interesting, one we don’t have in public as much as maybe we should.

CRAFT Club 4: The Dark Web:

Walking in with an empty cup and the most recent event: CRAFT Club IV: The Dark Web, I didn’t really have any expectations, in fact, I came to learn something about a space of the internet we only discuss in rumours and whispers.

We were hosted by Dr Francois Mouton, a former information warfare researcher and incident response manager at Cyanre, The Digital Forensic Lab, who guided us down the rabbit hole, that was the Deep and Dark Web (different things apparently).


During this interactive session, Dr Mouton discussed protecting one’s self from hacking, how the community of the dark web is a mix of the worst kind of human beings imaginable, from rapists documenting their latest kidnapping (with pictures) to the real heroes; Whistleblowers; who scour the dark web reporting and pulling down that kind of evil.

While I made a few jokes, I also asked about the obvious questions and myths we hear about the Dark Web, and the good doctor was kind enough to indulge me and answer some of the obvious. Yes, you can sell drugs or buy a weapon there, but also, you can still be tracked for conducting in illicit activities.

Overall, my short synopsis doesn’t do his presentation justice, and I recommend you attend his follow-up talk to know more and ask your own questions.

It was heavy topic, but, a worthy discussion and like the topic before, a controversial one, that we don’t speak more about, and probably should do more often. Fortunately, we have the CRAFT Club at Moonshot Cafe, to have these conversations.



Hope to see you at the next event, find more on this page. 

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Written by Brett Magill


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