Transformers The Last Knight (SPOILER FREE) Review

Transformers The Last Knight:

Transformers The Last Knight is the fifth installment in Michael Bay’s explosive robotic Transformers series! Returning stars: Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yager, among almost every other interesting character from previous installments, including John Turturro and Stanley Tucci, make a come back in some form.

Like every Transformers movie before it, it attempts to make everything bigger, bigger explosions, bigger threat, bigger monsters, bigger Transformers!

All to teach the lesson of brotherhood and together-ness

Transformers The Last Knight

Should you Watch It?

I know it sounds like I’m being tough on this film, but actually, it’s probably the best Transformers movie since the first movie. The plot ties up all the loose ends from the other films; everything from Megatron’s original master plan (Hinted at in Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and even why the Transformers keep coming to earth, hinting too at the plot of the final sequel.

The tying up of loose ends gave me a rather satisfying feeling, but what I really enjoyed this time around, was the development or rather depth of the primary characters, both the new and the old characters. Young, Isabelle Moner made a great impression despite her initially coming off as another silly throw-away character.

We also don’t get the tired “hot chick” clique this time around, we now have a stronger, more interesting female lead in Laura Haddock, a welcomed change for most Transformers fans who’ve had the flat performances of Megan Fox and that blond one from last time. (both times). I’m not saying Haddock doesn’t look stunning at the same time, because she does, but her role feels and is less eye candy and more relevant to the story.

Mark Wahlberg’s character and role for Kade, is also far more fleshed out this time around, rather than an angry farmer/inventor.

Yes, there is plenty of explosions and plenty of awe throughout the movie, and sometimes even some WTF moments, but try not to think too much into the science of the movie and try and just enjoy it for what it is and over the top action and effects Transformers movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, geeks and girlfriends, I would pay happily to watch this in IMAX 3D again and have just as much fun. Though, I am concerned as to how this will translate to normal theaters. If you can afford to watch it in IMAX, I suggest you do, if not, I hope it doesn’t disappoint in the effects department. 

Transformers The Last Knight is over the top and absolutely insane and for a Transformers movie, it was great, for its effects and IMAX 4K shooting, it was awesome, for a movie in the grand scheme of movies, it wasn’t great, even the legendary Antony Hopkins couldn’t save it enough. So while I had a lot of fun, just know that this isn’t a masterpiece, but the best in the series of explosions.

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Written by Brett Magill


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