Tweak have Returned!

I remember a time when KTV (kids TV show in the 90’s) interviewed Tweak! I don’t know why I shared that random piece of information but you don’t care, you care about this new gig!

If you know who Tweak are, then you are probably not a kid!

If you know who Tweak are, then you were probably raised on Airwolf and MacGuyver and you likely listened to The Offspring and Nirvana. (If you’re nodding your head, tell me if you nodded so I know I’m not alone)

If you know who Tweak are, then you also know that you are in for a wild ride when their 2017 ‘ACOCKALYPSE’ TOUR rolls into your town this November! (And We’re old enough!)

The Acokalypse Tour 2017:

If you DON’T know who Tweak are, that’s okay, they’re here to teach you that there is more to life than EDM, hip-hop and immaculately-styled hipster-indie bands.

Before Youtube, Facebook (shit, even before Myspace) and Instagram, the SA music scene cut a very different landscape. In 1998 The pop-punk band Tweak exploded onto the radio waves with their breakout single ‘Birthday Card’ and enjoyed massive success until they finally called it a day in 2005. Like I said before… there was no Facebook to brag on at that stage so you’ll just have to take our word for it, you youthful savage!

Homer Simpson once said: ‘True awesomeness can never really die…’ Tweak proved this in 2015 when they came out of retirement for a sold-out ‘Ten Year Anniversary Tour’.

The shows were a fantastical trip down memory lane, drenched in a ridiculousness that, at its zenith, saw the seasoned rockers spend their entire Oppikoppi gig fee on sourcing custom-cut penis-shaped confetti to shower over the 20 000 strong crowd! In popular culture, this event is now fondly remembered as ‘The Acockalypse’ and it’s the inspiration for their upcoming 2017 national tour.

Ready yourself for a series of parties unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Kicking off at the legendary Arcade Empire Halloween Party (alongside internationals ‘Alien Ant Farm’ and local gods ‘Fokofpolisiekar’) and then moving on to Jozi, Cape Town and Stellies!

Tour Details and Dates:

28 October 2017 – Pretoria | Arcade Empire

3 November 2017 – Johannesburg | Good Luck Bar

4 November 2017 – Benoni | Grid and Grill

10 November 2017 – Stellenbosch | Aandklas

11 November 2017 – Cape Town | Mercury Live

I personally need Tweak in my life again and you better believe I’m going to talk to these guys soon about their new tracks and direction as soon as I can! (Realises own age suddenly and has a mini panic attack, then listens to Tweak, it’s ok now)

Here’s the closest thing we could find to the original, check it out:

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Written by Brett Magill


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