Tweak pulls a Bruce Lee at Park Acoustics Finale

Tweak is Performing at Park Acoustics!

I remember the last time I saw Tweak live, I was just a star-struck clean shaven mosh-pitting human, now I have a beard! (Garth: Jealous, I still can’t grow any facial hair)

The last time your epic live performance rocked my face-off, you managed to shake up The Goodluck Bar in Johannesburg during The Acockalypse Tour in 2017; I’m so amped that you guys are back and jamming at one of my favorite yearly shows, the Park Acoustics December Finale!

Tweak and Bruce Lee: Having Fun!

Brett Magill (BM): It feels like it’s been radio silence online since Bruce Lee dropped November last year, I know it’s not your style, but guys, what’s next?!

Garth Barnes: Bruh, if one thing is for certain, it’s that there is ZERO plan for Tweak at this stage. Tweak is 100% a jol-band that only semi-exists.

Our only intention for the band is to have fun. So if a cool gig pops up (Like Park Acoustics!), then we’ll dust off the old guits and prep for a jol!

If we have an idea for a cool song that we think will be a lag, then we’ll record it. But there’s no plan for a tour or a new album or anything like that at the moment.

Tweak, Bruce Lee:

BM: You can’t create an instant classic like Bruce Lee and leave us begging for more for so long!

When’s the next one time only single (seriously this time) dropping? Or are we going to jam to the best that is Tweak until we’re speed racing in wheelchairs in old-age homes?

Like seriously. You’ll definitely die!

Garth Barnes: Hahaha! Glad you dig the tune! what makes it even more tricky for Tweak is that the band is scattered across the globe. So to get everyone together to record is tough.

I’m not saying it won’t happen again, I’m just saying don’t hold your breath. Like seriously. You’ll definitely die!

Tweak Performing Live:

BM: *Puts on Tweak snap cap* I know it’s rare for Tweak to actually have a lot of live shows throughout a year, why is that? Besides leaving us wanting more.

Garth Barnes: Well logistically it’s really tough; Bassist lives in the UK, Guitarist in Cape Town, and on top of that we all have other musical projects that we are full time involved in.

So we’re like a big ol’ sleepy bear: Sure we’ll come out of hibernation, but only if there is a damn good reason to do so!

Tweak Performing Once in 2018:

BM: It’s the end of the year, I’m sure your many fans would love to know what stood out for you in 2018, what really stuck? Experiences, shows, a random series of extraordinary events?

Garth Barnes: Erm, well Tweak is only playing one show in 2018! Park Acoustics! So, that represents the highlight, lowlight and everything in between! Lol

Bringing Nostalgia Overload to Park Acoustics!

BM: I can think of nothing better than jamming with you guys at Park Acoustics this December in Pretoria. Anything new planned for your tribe of zombified fans (myself included), what can we look forward to at this show?

Garth Barnes: Oh man, we have some fun stuff planned for sure! I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s gonna be a trip down memory lane…nostalgia overload and we are gonna party party party!

Tweak and Desmond and the Tutus:

BM: Have you guys performed or played with Desmond and the Tutus before? How’d that go? (I feel like you guys chilled on other ends of the playground if you were all in the same high school)Desmond and the Tutus

Garth Barnes: So as tweak we’ve never played together, I think they only started after Tweak split up in 2004.

But we’ve played together in the same lineup with our other bands and they are proper-good.

Awesome songs, great live show, and super high-quality videos and content. They have stood the test of time (deservedly) in a brutal industry. Very excited to be sharing the stage with them

Stage Drinks and Shots!

BM: If I happen to be running toward the stage in a frantic panic with drinks in my hand, what drink (even water) would you guys like to have? You know, incase those drinks would be yours, they may not be, but just in case? 

Garth Barnes: Lol, I’ll take whatever is free! Except for Tequila or Sambuca, if I even sniff either of those, there will be projectile vomming for sure. In all honesty, I’m a lightweight…Castle Lite, please!

Join Tweak at the Park Acoustics Finale!

I’m so excited to get to see Tweak again! After a whole year, they’re easily one of my favorite bands, so let’s do this!

Join me at Park Acoustics this December! Buy a ticket or enter our giveaway competition!

Park Acoustics Line-up:

11:00 Josh Kempen
12:15 Tidal Waves
13:30 BCUC
14:45 Desmond & the Tutus
16:00 Tweak
17:00 The Wedding DJ’s

Ticket Prices:

R100 Early bird (Only 400 Available) R135 Online ( Gate Free for children under the age of 6 (six). (R15 per vehicle (paid at the main entrance to the nature reserve).

Park Acoustics December 2018
Park Acoustics December 2018

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Written by Brett Magill


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