Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

We have a YouTube Channel!

We’ve been working with a whole bunch of our friends in the South African YouTuber community (we even went to speak to YouTube South Africa!) and they’ve given us huge amounts of advice, tips of the trade and ideas on what we could do with our own YouTube channel!

I’ve wanted to create a YouTube channel for a while, ever since I stumbled upon Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat a few years ago, but never really had a topic to talk about outside a daily or weekly vlog “about my extremely interesting life”. Nothing really seemed valuable to the potential audience, not really.

I wasn’t “successful” or rich, or had enough paying work to warrant a free’er life.

Then, I realised that just like the humble origins of Milled itself, movie reviews would be our catalyst! Then, a mound of other ideas started to fall on our table; festival adventures, travel or adventure vlogs, people interviews and finally, one day, fully produced stories, just like Vox or Vice, but with a African context.

I think, as long as the rule of providing: valuable, positive and useful content to our audience, we’ll be able to achieve our goals as a media house and publication. But I want to know from you, what do you think of YouTube as a platform for reach, value, and positive change? Let me know in the comments below.

We have a Facebook Channel!

We can’t ignore the fact that while YouTube still rules the world of video and production, Facebook continues to move further and further into the realm that YouTube has dominated for so long; that of video advertising, content creator sponsorship and paying creators to have ads in their videos.

No while this is just rumour at this stage, it would make sense for Facebook and Instagram to keep pushing toward to the content space, reinforcing the idea that brands should be content companies first and businesses second. This is debatable, and open to discussion though, I’d love to hear what you think about Facebook as a media platform in the next few years, in the comments below.

Why Did We Do This?

There’s always going to be space for editorial and copy in the world, reading is what makes the world go round and runs it! But while that may be true and more so in Africa, video and creative production has boomed over the last three years and only looks to get bigger and bigger with mobile native video applications like Instagram or Snapchat.

Africa is considered a mobile first or mobile only continent. Some consumers will have a smartphone before they can put petrol in a car or a television, and it’s only just begun. As a company, Milled want’s to be a part of this revolution and evolution of media on our continent and lead the way in mobile content production one day too (Why not?).

I like to imagine that one day the big media houses of South Africa will only start getting their online platforms going, when companies like Milled and others will have already built the industry they now need.

Lastly, on why we did it, yes, it will also improve our revenue stream as a brand and company, but more so, we’re a collection of such varying individuals, a team of skateboarders, musicians, lawyers, creatives, photographers, entrepreneurs, and a swath of all kinds that reflect our multifaceted generation, we’re a creative and expressive bunch, why wouldn’t we try our hands at video production.

I would like to know your thoughts and ideas on the shift in content focus of the public from editorial to video, do you agree with our analysis, as top line as it may be, or do you have some of your own ideas, I’d really like to know in the comments section. 

Thank you for your Support!

Thank you everyone for joining us on this adventure, from our team of contributors and writers to those who helped us along every step of the way, this is the beginning of great things, and we look forward to having you join us on this next chapter of our adventure, to world domination!

If you’ve not yet, please subscribe to our channel now, or check out our website for other awesome content:

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Written by Brett Magill


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