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I’ve always been fascinated with evil masterminds in comic books and movies, they have immense confidence, all the ideas in the world and the will to see it done. In contrast, I’ve always seen superheroes as those who would prevent change. Yes, the keyword here is “evil” plans and villainy, no one asks Superman to stop Elon Musk from helping us get to Mars, because most people consider it a good scientific advance; pushing our odd little species forward.

Like them, I too have a passion and a drive to do more, to be more than what I am now.


All that said, I can’t help but admire villains like The Joker, Magneto or Lex Luthor; they’re technically evil, wanting bad done to others, yes, but their drive and passion is what I enjoy reading about; who else can cobble together legions of thugs, vast sums of money to fund mad and insane projects, and still confront every obstacle in their way without a moment’s hesitation.

Like them, I too have a passion and a drive to do more, to be more than what I am now. is the next step in my grand plan for world domination, however, in my case, my reasons are true. Unlike Superman, I don’t wear tights, but I do feel I can be of some good in this world.

That there is my mission.

While I’ve ranted and quipped about changing the world, focusing on “why” you do what you do, and learning as you go on in life and work, I feel that this platform and brand here is the next chapter in a life-long process.

What hasn’t changed from my older “statements”, is my will, it continues to focus on continuous self-improvement, hitting above my weight class, and making a positive change in the world, in my life, and business.

Learning from the Past to Define a Better Future:

The Road is Long

While I’m always aware that my goals are always, maybe too, ambitious, I’m still confident in them, learning helps you prepare for the next insane idea you happen to come up with.

I do want to discuss the approach in another post, but in a nutshell; I do want a charity or non-profit segment this time around. is also a bit more focused, unlike businesses and blogs before it,‘s energy is within the technology space. I’ve found over time, that technology is indeed where my passion lies, and I believe that it is only through technology as the medium of choice, and will to drive it, will anyone of us help humanity grow. (corny I know)

I’ve always been inspired by Marques Brownlee, maybe I’ll experiment a bit of what he’s doing. 

Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee, YouTuber

Last point on this, which I think maybe one of the more important ones for me. You, all of you, from my readers to my small cult of fans, to my colleagues and supports, my family and friends, I would just like to thank you for not losing faith in me and supporting me where you could. Even if it’s just that odd cold drink or that lift one time. Thank you, and I hope I can keep you all busy in the future.

That’s it, everything else about is uncertain, and will evolve as it should. I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Cheers! logo and identity by

PS: If you’re one of the great ones and are reading this blog on the day of release; you rock, and I know things look ugly, I’m still working on the site as we speak. 🙂

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Written by Brett Magill


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