Why You Won’t Like Deadpool

How was it?

WARNING: There will be repeated and unnecessary use of the word: Fuck, in the coming lines, I warned you:

I went, as intended, to watch one of the most anticipated geek, anti-hero, fucking movie of the year! People said it wouldn’t work, people said it was stupid, people said it was fucking immature Crystal!

But with a cool: 497.6 million dollars in the bank (Google Search), look who’s laughing now! That’s 7,968,018,600 FUCKING RAND for you South Africans! The movie was produced with the Hollywood laugh budget of: $58 million, which is far less than most modern Superhero movies like the Avengers, which was produced on: $220 million and grossed: $1.520 billion.

A Love Story

{Possible Fucking Spoilers}

The story wasn’t great at all, it’s your typical good guy, bad guy, genetic modification, save the girl, story. But, what made Deadpool different, is what makes the comic book different, it’s inability to be serious or listen to conventional studio rules or “the way it’s done”.

From the raunchy dominatrix sex scene with his prostitute girl friend, to the silhouette of Ryan Reynold’s penis in the fire action sequence, to the inappropriate and sexually perverse jokes, to the unicorn masterbation sequence. Deadpool doesn’t just throw the rule book out the window, he drives a fucking car over it and shoots holes in it then urinates over the fucking shreds!

Everything you shouldn’t really show in a movie, they add in, and they revel in it. It’s not the story that makes Deadpool a revolutionary movie, it’s the movie’s attitude of not giving a fuck! It’s executed in spectacular fashion.

More than once, just like the comic book, Deadpool addresses the movie audience, in such a way that you can’t help but laugh. From discussing Hugh Jackman’s down under, to a comment on the the lack of X-men in the movie, Reynolds did a brilliant job of delivering every gag in perfect timing and in typical Deadpool fashion.

Deadpool is a great movie, but not for the story, it’s for the balls, action and comedy.

Sex Sells

As much as we’re on the verge of another gender and sexual revolution, and we’re all far more conscious and proud of our sexuality more than ever these days. Sex, still sells.

I don’t know why the sex scenes and sexual undertones throughout the movie, still gave me giggles. It may have been the Valentine’s couples beside me trying to play it cool during Deadpool’s sexually expressive scenes.

But I enjoyed it, the movie didn’t skirt around anything, it owned it, it stood up and said: Lets have sex in a movie, and make fun of couples that are going to be watching it, they will relate. The scenes themselves weren’t over the top in terms of pornography, but they we’re raw enough to make a few people stare and smile or look at their phones, Crystal.

The Bigger Marvel Universe

Deadpool wasn’t going to happen, you need to know that, Ryan Reynolds and Director Tim Miller needed to do some crazy things to get it to the production level, even that awesome teaser we all saw a few years ago:

[su_youtube url=””]

But now that it has, and dominated the movie world for the last few weeks, how is going to play into the bigger Marvel Universe?

Well, I don’t know, couldn’t really find much information about that, but what they’re calling the: X-Men Universe.

Based on the final end credits scene, Deadpool will be going up against another X-Men heavy weight: Cabel (Second Favourite All-time Character).

Cabel should open up Deadpool to the X-Force Super team, which has a lot of history >>here<<, which also would come to include in some way: Psylocke, Fantomex, and Deadpool and maybe, just maybe Wolverine!

Psylocke would have already been introduce to fans in the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie, and we all know Wolverine.

I would expect X-Force to be Deadpool’s third and final movie, but by no means a spin-off, more like a cross time-travelling conclusion, with Deadpool finding solace in life. Here’s to hoping! … for the time-travel, not the solace.


I really enjoyed this interview with Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller with Kevin McCarthy. It’s more real, and actually pretty funny, giving you a peak on how Ryan Reynolds is pretty much Deadpool:

Ryan Reynolds Interview with T.J. Miller

Ok, here’s the actual Deadpool Trailer, but it’s nothing compared to the actual movie, go and watch it:

I just realised that I didn’t tell you why you won’t like this movie, Crystal, and actually by now, if you don’t have a fucking clue, there’s no fucking hope for you. Just watch it, it’s a lot of fucking fun! 

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Written by Brett Magill


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