Wonder Woman: Should You Watch It? (NO SPOILERS)

Wonder Woman Movie Review:

Wonder Woman; releasing around the world in a cinema near you on 02 June 2017, is the modern interpretation of the popular DC Comics comic book of the same name, and its the third hero that will form a part of DC’s Justice League. This will be the first full length live-action adaptation of the Wonder Woman property and second time we’ll be seeing Gal Gadot’s Wonder Women on screen. (The first time was in Batman vs Superman 2016).

Staring: Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman, aka: Diana Prince and Chris Pine, as Steve Trevor, aka: Steve.

Wonder Woman isn’t a great movie, it’s not a bad movie, but it’s not a great movie. For me, thats a problem considering this was the forth attempt for DC to get their movie making formula right.

Was it good though?

Though, I had fun; the movie’s first and second acts were smooth, it followed a great flow and told a good story with splashes of high definition action! Though, while the first and second acts introduce all the primary characters and developed them and the universe of 1918 (During world war one), the final act is a confusing rushed wrap up of everything we got to enjoy in the first two acts.

There is one scene, for me the greatest scene, wow, it just did it for me; it personified everything Wonder Woman stands for; hope to the hopeless, freedom and fighting injustice!

It’s also what marks the end of the movie for me, the rest is filled with inconsistencies and forced plot points and a totally unnecessary and uncared for love scene.

Should You Buy a Ticket?

Look, I always try and give you my perspective of a movie to help you make the best investment into your entertainment. When it comes to movies, this is more important than ever, a price of a couple’s outing to the movies now can cost up to R300 easy, so I really want to help you.

Wonder Woman is more than just a movie though, it’s also an social acknowledgement, a female first super hero, a lead, not a supporting damsel, though in that role there are a few reasons I can nit pick out where that social promise fails too achieve that position.

Was Wonder Woman a great movie? Not at all, it’s filled with plot holes, poor editing cuts (Final Act action scene), forgetful story telling shortfalls (The battleship) and touches of poor acting (*cough* Gadot *cough*).

Though, at the same time, Wonder Woman was also a great ride (Oh my gosh that Second Act action scene!), offering your a new perspective and take on the star spangled hero, a hero that has been massively overlooked in contrast to her counter parts: Batman or Superman. We also get a better idea of her role in the up-coming Justice League movie.

Would I buy a ticket? Yes.

Would I be pleased or satisfied about spending the money? No.

But hey, guys, this is my point of view, when you go and see it, I’d love to know what you thought about the movie and how it plays toward women in movies, the larger DC Movie Universe and the movie itself! Let me know in the comments section!

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Written by Brett Magill


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